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How do I decide which applications to migrate to the cloud?

When deciding which applications to migrate to the cloud, it’s important to consider a variety of factors, including the application’s scalability needs, security requirements, and cost implications. You will also need to evaluate the compatibility of the application with cloud platforms, assess any potential benefits or risks, and prioritize your efforts based on business goals.

What happens to my application's data during the migration process?

During the migration process, your application’s data needs to be carefully transferred from its existing environment to the cloud. This typically involves planning and executing data migration strategies, ensuring data integrity, and implementing appropriate security measures to protect sensitive information.

How do I determine which parts of an application to refactor?

To determine which parts of an application to refactor, you should analyze the application’s codebase and architecture to identify areas that can benefit from improvements in terms of performance, scalability, or maintainability. You will also need to focus on bottlenecks, outdated technologies, or areas that don’t align with cloud-native principles, and prioritize refactoring efforts based on potential impact and feasibility.

Can I rehost an application across different cloud providers?

Yes, you can rehost an application across different cloud providers; however, it may require some modifications or adjustments to ensure compatibility with the target cloud platform’s specific services, APIs, and infrastructure configurations.

How can I ensure data backup and disaster recovery for my applications in the cloud?

To ensure data backup and disaster recovery for applications in the cloud, it’s essential to implement a comprehensive backup strategy that includes regular backups of data and application configurations. You will also need to utilize cloud-native backup solutions, replication techniques, and distributed storage options, and test your backup and recovery processes periodically to verify their effectiveness.

Which applications should migrate to cloud-first?

The applications that should migrate to the cloud first depend on various factors, including their complexity, interdependencies, business value, and readiness for cloud adoption. As a result, it’s best to start with applications that are more straightforward, have fewer dependencies, and offer immediate benefits such as cost savings or improved scalability.

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