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Our Founder


Thomas Kwon founded Idea Maker in 2016 to provide boutique development solutions to small businesses and start-ups in Orange County and the greater Californian areas. Following a career as a software engineer, Tom has long-standing experience in web and application development, making him an expert developer. He chose the company name Idea Maker because, as you may have guessed, we aim to make your ideas a reality.

Proud to Grow

Since its founding in 2016, Idea Maker has expanded rapidly, moving from a focus on small businesses to enterprise-level applications. Our team has grown, our project base extended, and our expertise proliferated. We now employ a solid group of developers, designers, managers, quality assurance specialists, and content creators. This means we are always ready to take on new projects, whatever challenges we may face.

Why Choose Idea Maker?

Idea Maker is an excellent choice for projects of all sizes, from small business websites to enterprise solutions. This is thanks to our dedicated team of professionals with their extensive and varied skill sets. We also have a clearly outlined development procedure, allowing you to understand what goes into an Idea Maker development. This enables transparency between us and lets you follow along with the development process.

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