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Idea Maker is an Orange County software development house. We can help you to build your website, e-commerce site, mobile app, complex web app, and much more. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and startups build their ideas. We chose the name Idea Maker because we make your ideas a reality. 

You may be an entrepreneur with a great idea but lack the experience necessary to execute it. That’s why you need Idea Maker. We act as a guide to help you navigate the difficult journey of bringing your idea into reality.

The reason Idea Maker is so effective at helping entrepreneurs, like yourself, is because we are a boutique Orange County development agency and we have specialists to help you along every step in the process.

Idea Maker’s cloud computing experts will help you to set up, configure, and maintain your servers in the cloud. We’ve used cloud services like Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean to build scalable server farms for our customers. Scalable server farms make it easier for you to grow your business.

When we create websites we typically use Django or WordPress. We, at Idea Maker, find WordPress to be useful for many small and medium-sized businesses or SMBs because WordPress offers a large variety of useful plugins. We have found, as a top WordPress developer, that new features can be easily added to your site by using plugins and this can save you money on development costs.

Idea Maker also likes to use Django for our web development services. Django is an enterprise-level framework for python. Using Django, we can help you to create projects that are more customized and scalable. While the cost of development is higher the performance is amazing. Django has been used to create apps like Instagram and Spotify and will be able to handle your unique needs.

While Idea Maker can use most front-end technologies, our favorites include Vue, React, and React Native. We believe they are some of the best choices for developing high-quality websites. If you’re looking for a beautiful Single Page Application (SPA), we think you can’t go wrong with Vue or React.

When Idea Maker creates a mobile application, we often use React Native because it’s easy to deploy for both Android app development and iOS app development. We use React Native to help you create apps that are free of compatibility issues and help you provide customers with a flawlessly executed app.

Whatever your business needs, Idea Maker is here to help you succeed. 

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