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What Idea Maker Offers In eLearning Software Development Services

At Idea Maker, we provide various eLearning development services aimed at allowing your business to offer effective learning experiences.

eLearning Software Development

Our team is experienced in building eLearning platforms for numerous types of businesses, from therapy to commercial cleaning, as well as internal training applications. We develop eLearning software with students in mind, meaning we focus on creating a smooth user interface that facilitates in-depth learning.

eLearning Software Integration

If you already have your own custom application but want to extend its functionality with an eLearning suite, Idea Maker can help. We have a refined process of scaling existing applications and integrating them with new functionality.

eLearning Software Support and Maintenance

Once your eLearning platform is completed, it will require ongoing support and maintenance to ensure a positive student experience is upheld. At Idea Maker, we offer robust post-release support options to keep your eLearning platform bug-free functioning properly.

eLearning Software Reengineering

Already have an eLearning platform that’s not quite hitting the mark in terms of features? Not to worry, as the experts at Idea Maker have a solid reputation for rescuing failing projects and turning them into success stories.

eLearning Software Solutions

In addition to our above services, we also provide a number of specific eLearning software solutions. Our abilities, however, are not limited to the below list.


Artificial Intelligence Integration

AI has numerous applications within eLearning and is increasingly being used in platforms like Duolingo. At Idea Maker, we have several AI experts ready to integrate theI technology into your eLearning platform, ensuring a personalized and adaptive experience for your users.

Transition Into the Cloud

If you have an internal eLearning platform that you’d like to make publicly available, you’ll first need to transition it to the cloud, allowing public users access to your application. At Idea Maker, we offer cloud transition services that can help take your platform to the next level.

Web and Mobile eLearning Apps

Want users to be able to learn on-the-go? With our team’s knowledge of web and mobile app development, we can create portal eLearning apps that are perfectly suited to mobile devices, whether they be native or in-browser web apps.

UI/UX Design

Already have an eLearning platform that’s not quite hitting the mark in terms of features? Not to worry, as the experts at Idea Maker have a solid reputation for rescuing failing projects and turning them into success stories.

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Custom Solutions for eLearning

Idea Maker can also provide numerous custom solutions for your eLearning project.


Revamp of Legacy Learning Software

If you have existing eLearning software that needs functionality updates or simply a fresh face, Idea Maker’s team can deliver legacy revamping services. For this, we focus on updating your platform’s frameworks, security features, and overall functionality to match modern standards.

Educational Portals Development

Every eLearning platform requires a form of portal that allows students to access course content. So, if you already have an eLearning platform developed but need an educational portal, we can certainly help. Otherwise, our experts can build both your eLearning platform and educational portal for you.

Learning Management System (LMS) Development

Learning management systems (LMS) enable users to track, create, automate, and deliver educational content to users. At Idea Maker, our team has ample experience building and integrating comprehensive LMS systems into eLearning platforms, as they are an integral part of effective learning systems.

Corporate Training Systems

Corporate training systems tend to offer a closed platform, accessible only to employees and those given direct access. However, they generally function much the same way as a public eLearning platform, which we can also provide.

What Features and Functionality Can Be Added to eLearning Software?

When building an eLearning platform, you may want to consider adding the following features:

  • Content Management System: Content management systems allow you to manage the content of your eLearning platform, in terms of both course content and marketing pages, i.e., the site’s homepage.
  • Integrations: Depending on your requirements, you might wish to extend the functionality of your eLearning platform using a third-party API integration. This will typically reduce the cost of development, as integrations offer pre-made functionality instead of customized features.
  • Speaker Verification: Intended for students with a hearing impairment, the speaker verification feature helps video players accurately transcribe speaker audio. This means your platform’s audio content can be effectively delivered to students with hearing loss.
  • Analytics and Reporting: In order to properly monitor the progress of students, you’ll also need some analytics and reporting capabilities. If this is something you’re interested in, we can integrate an advanced analytics and reporting screen into your eLearning platform.

What Makes Idea Maker Best for eLearning Software Development?

At Idea Maker, not only do we have a team of expert designers and developers dedicated to delivering high-quality projects, we also have plenty of experience building eLearning platforms. From family therapy education systems to tutor marketplace platforms, we’ve worked across industries to develop custom applications that exceed expectations.

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