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You Dream It, We Build It.

You Dream It,
We Build It.

Aviation Marketing Platform


“The new site has helped the client save countless hours of manually tracking orders. It has also helped them gain new customers. Idea Maker has gone above and beyond by delivering excellent outputs and suggesting insightful ideas. They collaborate efficiently through meetings and email updates.”


Backend Database for Workspace Renting Platform


“Thanks to Idea Maker’s support, the client received positive feedback from users. The team completed tasks expeditiously, and each step of the project was communicated transparently to the client. They went above and beyond to understand the client’s objectives and provide high-quality support.”


Travel Agency Platform


“Idea Maker successfully delivered an MVP that aligned with the client’s expectations in terms of functionality. The team ensured a seamless workflow through timely submissions and clear communication. Moreover, their hands-on approach was greatly appreciated by the internal team.”


Why Do I Need Custom Software?

Custom software delivers far-reaching operational transformation across your organization—the benefits extend well beyond just cost savings. Purpose-built programs consolidate data, automate manual tasks, increase visibility into key metrics, upgrade legacy platforms, and adapt to constant market changes. This drives tangible efficiencies that boost productivity and the bottom line.

But the impact reaches even further. Custom solutions also improve customer experience through intuitive interfaces, enrich data utility for better insights, streamline workflows for departmental synergy, and facilitate nimble pivoting as market demands shift. With the right partner guiding strategic alignment, meticulous planning, skilled engineering, and seamless adoption, your customized technology unlocks game-changing advantages that leave competitors envious of your new capabilities.

Custom Software Development Services We Provide

Idea Maker has years of experience designing and developing custom software that helps organizations streamline operations, boost productivity, and drive sustainable growth. Our expert teams design, develop, and deliver solutions tailored to your unique workflow challenges and objectives across a spectrum of platforms.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Our enterprise software development services create large-scale, complex business applications aligning with your organizational operations. Through discovery sessions, we comprehend pain points and system requirements before launching agile development of robust, scalable, and fully custom programs. Our custom software features capabilities such as automated workflows, real-time analytics, inventory management, and future growth support.


Software Product Development Services

Our software product development services help companies fully conceptualize, architect, engineer, and launch customer-focused software products. Our team handles the full cycle from pricing model alignment, beta testing, gathering user feedback, and agile building of right-fit features, to multi-channel marketing assets for successful product rollout. We become trusted partners invested in shaping game-changing products from initial vision to post-launch enhancement.

Software Integration Services

Siloed systems and disjointed workflows create bottlenecks and can result in disconnected processes between departments, scattered data sources, and critical information getting lost in translation. Our specialized integration services facilitate communication between disparate platforms through custom API development, database consolidation, CRM and ERP integrations, eCommerce connections, and more. This ensures uniform data flow and workflows.

Custom CRM Development Services

Rigid, one-size-fits-all CRM platforms fail to adapt to the nuances of your customer engagement processes resulting in scattered data, disjointed workflows, and a fragmented view of the customer journey. By deeply understanding your customer lifecycle and objectives, we design fully custom CRM systems. Our solutions use tailored tools like customized objects, advanced analytics, automated workflows triggered by data changes, and integrations synchronizing data across databases to facilitate increased retention and loyalty.

API Development Services

APIs allow software programs to communicate with each other, facilitating real-time data transmission and expanding capabilities. We engineer customized APIs aligned to your integration requirements that enable real-time data transmission between programs, support omnichannel delivery, underpin complex platforms, and speed development cycles through efficient coding connections. The result is seamless interoperability facilitating scalability.

Database Development

Our database development services build custom databases optimized for complex data workflows. We architect NoSQL and SQL databases and then develop customizable schemas, tables, and queries tailored to your analytics, reporting, and business intelligence needs. The result is fully customized data environments boosting insights via robust capturing, processing, and utility of mission-critical information.

SaaS Development

Our SaaS development services engineer customizable software-as-a-service solutions tailored to your service offerings and subscription models. We handle full-cycle development from mapping complex workflows to building multi-tenant architectures supporting scalability. The result is purpose-built SaaS products enriched with your unique capabilities and aligned to deliver exceptional user experiences driving customer conversion and retention.

Industry-Based Software

Our teams leverage years of experience in software customization in a variety of industries. Whether in healthcare, real estate, finance, retail, or other sectors, we build specialized programs that cater to niche data models, workflows, integrations, compliance needs, and user expectations, no matter your industry. This process creates maximum impact.

We construct large-scale enterprise programs like custom ERP, SCM, BI, eCommerce engines, and internal collaboration tools driving process efficiency. Our robust business software development facilitates data centralization, upgraded legacy systems, automation, sophisticated reporting, and scalability underpinning business growth.

Our real estate development services create customized platforms optimizing agent workflows. We build mobile and web solutions tailored to listing management, client communications, transaction oversight, document processing, and data analytics specifically for brokers, agents, buyers, and sellers. The result is enhanced deal velocity, expanded market reach, and differentiation for agencies seeking leveraged technology to outperform the competition.

Our fintech SaaS development crafts customized platforms optimizing financial workflows. We build secure, scalable solutions tailored to transaction processing, data analytics, regulatory compliance, customer engagement, and more. The result is purpose-built fintech products boosting legacy modernization, service automation, and data interoperability.

Wordpress- Small Business

Our specialized learning management system (LMS) development creates online education and training platforms with assessment tools, content hosting, community discussion, and analytics tracking. We build responsive web and mobile apps matching modern edtech demands.

Software for Different Business Needs

At Idea Maker, we build custom software catered to a diverse array of business needs. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, improve internal systems, integrate disparate platforms, or make data-driven decisions, our solutions help accomplish core organizational goals. We work closely to deeply comprehend your workflows, challenges, and targets to shape technical solutions with maximum impact.

  • Enterprise Resource and Process Management: Resource and process management functionality, such as the ability to create and monitor tasks, is vital when building enterprise applications aimed at improving business productivity.
  • Financial Management: Financial management is required for several types of fintech applications, from business to personal software. The most common features of fintech software include bank transfer management, financial reporting, and data security considerations.
  • Customer-Centered Software: Customer-focused software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications contain functionality intended for maintaining good customer relationships. This type of software typically includes email automation, review monitoring, demographic reporting, and social media management tools.
  • Business Analytics: Business analytics and reporting tools are crucial for the success of running a business, as they allow users to view and interpret data with ease.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Referring to the integration of software with physical devices, IoT is a model commonly used in the healthcare and technology industries. We can work with you to integrate IoT capabilities into your own software, providing you with new opportunities to elevate your business through innovation.

Technology Expertise

Our team builds software leveraging the most sophisticated languages, frameworks, cloud platforms, and development methodologies. We stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies creating solutions primed for the modern marketplace. JavaScript builds complex interactivity with frameworks like React and Angular. Python enables rapid prototyping and machine learning applications with Django and Flask. Java facilitates robust enterprise-scale programs leveraging Spring Boot and Hibernate.

PHP remains the standard for developing dynamic websites and web apps. C# optimizes solutions on the .NET stack often integrating cloud services with Azure. Ruby on Rails allows lean startup teams to launch MVPs quickly. These future-proof technologies craft cutting-edge solutions aligned to contemporary market demands across devices and platforms. Our mastery of these languages drives maximum quality and capability in the custom software we build.

Custom Software Development Process

We adhere to a comprehensive development methodology enabling our team to deliver custom-built software that meets each client’s unique requirements and objectives. Our refined process ensures maximum quality and value at each phase.

Initial Consultation and Requirements Gathering

We initiate every project by first consulting directly with all key stakeholders, taking the time to completely understand your existing systems, workflows, challenges, constraints, and goals. Our team works with you in extensive discovery sessions and workshops to gather expansive specifics that allow us to craft tailored software aligned to how your teams operate day-to-day. Defining comprehensive specifications upfront is crucial.

Design Architecture, User Journeys, and Wireframing

Next, our design team architects the software’s underlying system framework centered around your infrastructure needs and scalability targets. We craft detailed site maps and intuitive user journey flows based on persona types and usage scenarios. Our UX experts then translate journeys into descriptive gray-scale wireframes visually. We outline each interface page and interactivity points free from style embellishments. Wireframes enable quickly iterating structure and layout based on feedback.

Interactive Prototyping

We bring wireframes to life in interactive prototypes featuring realistic form, functionality, and navigation built with cutting-edge tools. Clickable prototypes effectively demonstrate proposed features and system flow for enhanced visualization and user testing before full development work begins. We can quickly modify prototypes based on feedback, saving substantial development time later down the line.

Visual and Branding Design

Our design team evolves prototypes into completely designed visual interfaces reflecting target branding elements. We assign color schemes, typography, graphics, iconography, and other stylistic flourishes for highly polished results. We evolve prototypes into completely branded interfaces that maintain consistent messaging and user experience across touchpoints. These comprehensive creative direction packages inform development.

Custom Programming and Engineering

Our expert programming teams develop custom-coded software based on the agreed-upon outline to build a platform that meets your exact requirements. We integrate with essential databases while ensuring air-tight security protocols are followed through access controls, encryption, and testing procedures. Our optimized code base ensures maximum performance critical for complex programs and high traffic volumes.

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Quality Assurance and Application Testing

Idea Maker rigorously tests software both locally using unit testing and in staging environments mirroring real-world conditions. Our QA professionals perform integrative tests, monitor capability thresholds, identify bugs, remedy flaws in functionality, and analyze performance metrics. We use automated monitoring tools and recommend application improvements before public launch.

Deployment and Integration

When ready, we oversee secure deployment across selected delivery methods. Whether installed directly on existing infrastructure or hosted remotely through cloud platforms we ensure there is no downtime for existing systems. Our technical teams also work closely on API and other integrations between new and legacy programs enabling enterprise-wise connectivity.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Even after launch, we continue to provide assistance, implement support systems, make live updates as needed, and assist with user onboarding to help guarantee you receive continual value from your software investment. We become a trusted long-term partner to maintain the success of your application.

Why Choose Us?

With hundreds of software development agencies promising fast and affordable solutions, selecting the right team is crucial yet challenging.

At Idea Maker, we have a track record of success thanks to our specialized approach that helps clients feel like true collaborative partners throughout each project.

We pride ourselves on being a true technology partner to our clients. While many development firms simply deliver code and walk away, we take a collaborative, customer-centric approach focused on driving long-term success for your business after launch and implementation.

Bring Your Software Vision to Life

You have a bold vision to transform workflows, boost efficiency, and set your organization apart through purpose-built software. Now it’s time to make that vision a reality.

If you have a software concept that solves pressing challenges, capitalizes on new opportunities, or provides a competitive edge, let’s connect. Even if you don’t yet have a fully fleshed-out idea, we guide you in shaping proposals with real-world viability.

We’re ready when you are. Let’s build the future together.

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How much does it cost to develop a custom software?

It depends on the type and scope of the project. For instance, WordPress websites can be built with a few thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the price of custom mobile apps varies a lot depending on extras like HIPAA security, FinTech systems, and Encryption.

How do you handle custom software support, product go-live, and post-go-live support?

At Idea Maker, we take pride in our excellent customer support. We fully intend to support you after your app is developed, as we have with several clients before. We want to grow with you by providing maintenance, enhancements, bug fixes, and updates as part of our post-production support.

What kind of customized software services do you provide?

We work with a wide range of services. For instance, we can build either custom or straightforward WordPress websites with extensive functionality, custom-coded web apps, SaaS apps, custom-made mobile apps, and more.

Where can I read testimonials and reviews from your previous clients on custom software development?

You can check the testimonials area on our website. We embed customer reviews from Clutch, all of which are verified by a third party. You can also find customer opinions about Idea Maker on our Upwork page or Google Reviews. We’ll be glad to provide more references if you need them.

Can you provide my clients and staff members with proper documentation?

Yes, every Idea Maker project is thoroughly detailed and documented. All you need to do is inform us what kind of documentation is required, and we’ll provide it. We can also provide instructions in video format for your employees if needed.

Will your software comply with my strict standards and security policy?

Yes, we can make every necessary change and enhancement to adhere to all security needs and guidelines.

How do you ensure project confidentiality? Who owns the software that you make?

A non-disclosure agreement guarantees project confidentiality we’ll sign with our client. The paying customer keeps full ownership of the project, except when we use proprietary libraries made by Idea Maker. In that case, we maintain ownership of said libraries.

What are the average hourly rates for your developers and specialists?

We use a blended rate of $85/hr regardless of the service provided or the professional you’re working with. Meaning you can work with a UI/UX, backend, or mobile dev and expect to pay the same hourly rate.

Can you guarantee project success and deployment?

We cannot guarantee the success of your project. Project success depends on the marketing efforts and the project itself. However, we can guarantee to deliver a high-quality product with an optimized codebase, instructions and host it on a server of your choice. Additionally, we offer full customer support post-development.

What are the modes of communication that you use?

We primarily operate through email. We’ll also provide you with weekly project reports. If needed, we can open up chat communication or video conferencing.

How much will I need to be involved in the project?

Your degree of involvement depends on your own interests. We can handle the entirety of the project and deliver a functional product to the client. However, we require that you review and sign wireframes and mockups before proceeding to ensure we agree on the project’s scope and direction. Aside from that, you don’t need to be directly involved.

What recent projects have you done involving custom software development?

You can head over to the “Portfolio” page on our website, where we list all released projects we have worked on before. There you can find a wide range of projects such as iOS, Android, SaaS, and web development.