Custom Software Development Services

Get expert software development solutions from the experienced developers at Idea Maker.

Custom Software Development Services We Provide

At Idea Maker, our team is well versed in a multitude of industries that require a variety of features and services.

Enterprise Software Development Services

We offer enterprise-level software development services aimed at helping your business streamline its operations. Our experienced team has worked on numerous enterprise-level applications and understands how to build secure and effective applications, including scheduling software, task management solutions and customer relationship management systems, for your business.


Software Product Development Services

At Idea Maker, we’re pleased to provide general software product development services. We have the expertise to build almost any application you require, along with all the necessary functionality. Whether you’re looking for professional business software or a low-feature personal application, our team has you covered.

Software Integration Services

If you need help integrating your old software with new systems or simply require new functionality, Idea Maker is happy to help. With our vast knowledge of software development and API integration, our experts are able to effectively provide you with software integration services that will elevate your business’s technology.

Custom CRM Development Services

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a crucial part of running a successful business, yet managing customers effectively can be challenging – that’s where custom CRM software comes into play. At Idea Maker, we can build easy-to-use and feature-rich CRM software that will ensure your customer relationships are well maintained.

API Development Services

APIs can be used to extend the functionality of your existing software or be sold to other software users for a profit. At Idea Maker, our team has ample experience developing robust APIs with extensive integration capabilities.

Database Development

Every business needs a reliable and secure database to process their customers’ data, as well as their own. Though there are many excellent third-party database storage options available, none match the efficacy of a tailor-made custom database. All of our development projects utilize custom database technology in some capacity, so to say that we’re experienced in this area is an understatement.

SaaS Development

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a popular business model that’s capable of generating strong profits–as long as the SaaS platform itself is developed properly, that is. Fortunately, Idea Maker’s expert developers have built countless SaaS applications for our clients, many of which have gone on to be successful businesses.

Industry-Based Software

At Idea Maker, we have experience developing software across a vast array of industries. Listed below are just a few of our top industries; however, we have the skills and expertise to build solutions for almost any industry.

Enterprise-Level Applications

Over the years, our team has gained a reputation for developing outstanding enterprise-level applications that help businesses capture more customers and streamline operations. Our enterprise-level applications are feature-rich with functionality such as scheduling, payment processing, and two-factor authentication.

Real-Estate Services

We’ve worked on several real-estate projects from simple websites to fully-fledged SaaS applications. As a result, if you’re looking for real-estate platform development, Idea Maker is a safe bet. Not only do we thoroughly understand the business models and processes employed by real-estate businesses, we also know exactly what functionality is required for successful realtor software.

Fintech SaaS Software

At Idea Maker, we understand that fintech software requires a focus on data security and scalable storage. Having developed numerous fintech platforms previously, our team can confidently provide fintech software with a robust array of functionality, ensuring your financial information is kept safe.
Wordpress- Small Business

E-Learning Applications

E-learning applications are essential for all businesses, whether a learning institution or not, as they can be used to help train employees. We’ve built several e-learning platforms for both businesses looking to train employees and educational institutions. As a result, we have a refined process when it comes to e-learning applications and a proven track record of success.

Software for Different Business Needs

In addition to serving a plethora of industries, our team can build applications that satisfy a multitude of business needs.

  • Enterprise Resource and Process Management: Resource and process management functionality, such as the ability to create and monitor tasks, is vital when building enterprise applications aimed at improving business productivity.
  • Financial Management: Financial management is required for several types of fintech applications, from business to personal software. The most common features for fintech software include bank transfer management, financial reporting, and data security considerations.
  • Customer-Centered Software: Customer-focused software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications contain functionality intended for maintaining good customer relationships. This type of software typically includes email automation, review monitoring, demographic reporting, and social media management tools.
  • Business Analytics: Business analytic and reporting tools are crucial for the success of running a business, as they allow users to view and interpret data with ease.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Referring to the integration of software with physical devices, IoT is a model commonly used in the healthcare and technology industries. At Idea Maker, we can work with you to integrate IoT capabilities into your own software, providing you with new opportunities to elevate your business through innovation.

Custom Software Development Process

Discuss Requirements

We first begin with an in-depth discussion about the requirements of your project, aiming to gain a deep understanding of your needs. This allows us to build a clear plan of action and development strategy. This is also a good chance to field any questions or concerns you may have about development.

Wireframe and Prototype

After understanding your website's requirements, we then create a wireframe. This is a brief outline of your site to represent its final functionality. It helps our development team understand how the site should function and ensure your specifications are denoted.

Flesh Out Design

Once we have a clear prototype of your website, our design team then fleshes out the skeleton with sleek stylings. At this stage, we usually like to create multiple stylings for you to choose from, bringing your site as close to your vision as possible.


Once the previous four steps are completed, and your website has been tested, it is ready for deployment. At this stage, we deploy the site onto a live hosting server, usually owned by you, and make it available to web users.

Program Website

If you’re happy with the designs our team creates, we then move on to the programming stage. This is where the core development takes place. The earlier functionality determined during wireframing is combined with your chosen design, and the site is complete.


At Idea Maker, we believe that post-release support is a crucial part of any web development. That’s why we offer support options with all our custom development projects, keeping your site well-maintained.

Why Choose Idea Maker as your Software Development Agency?

With various design awards under our belt, such as Thumbtack Top Pro 2020 and Best App Development in Irvine 2021, you can rest assured that our developments are exceptionally high-quality. This is thanks to Idea Maker’s team of expert developers and designers dedicated to providing clients with excellent results. So, get in touch today and see what our award-winning services can do for your business.

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How much does it cost to develop a custom software?

It depends on the type and scope of the project. For instance, WordPress websites can be built with a few thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the price of custom mobile apps varies a lot depending on extras like HIPAA security, FinTech systems, and Encryption.

How do you handle custom software support, product go-live, and post-go-live support?

At Idea Maker, we take pride in our excellent customer support. We fully intend to support you after your app is developed, as we have with several clients before. We want to grow with you by providing maintenance, enhancements, bug fixes, and updates as part of our post-production support.

What kind of customized software services do you provide?

We work with a wide range of services. For instance, we can build either custom or straightforward WordPress websites with extensive functionality, custom-coded web apps, SaaS apps, custom-made mobile apps, and more.

Where can I read testimonials and reviews from your previous clients on custom software development?

You can check the testimonials area on our website. We embed customer reviews from Clutch, all of which are verified by a third party. You can also find customer opinions about Idea Maker on our Upwork page or Google Reviews. We’ll be glad to provide more references if you need them.

Can you provide my clients and staff members with proper documentation?

Yes, every Idea Maker project is thoroughly detailed and documented. All you need to do is inform us what kind of documentation is required, and we’ll provide it. We can also provide instructions in video format for your employees if needed.

Will your software comply with my strict standards and security policy?

Yes, we can make every necessary change and enhancement to adhere to all security needs and guidelines.

How do you ensure project confidentiality? Who owns the software that you make?

A non-disclosure agreement guarantees project confidentiality we’ll sign with our client. The paying customer keeps full ownership of the project, except when we use proprietary libraries made by Idea Maker. In that case, we maintain ownership of said libraries.

What are the average hourly rates for your developers and specialists?

We use a blended rate of $85/hr regardless of the service provided or the professional you’re working with. Meaning you can work with a UI/UX, backend, or mobile dev and expect to pay the same hourly rate.

Can you guarantee project success and deployment?

We cannot guarantee the success of your project. Project success depends on the marketing efforts and the project itself. However, we can guarantee to deliver a high-quality product with an optimized codebase, instructions and host it on a server of your choice. Additionally, we offer full customer support post-development.

What are the modes of communication that you use?

We primarily operate through email. We’ll also provide you with weekly project reports. If needed, we can open up chat communication or video conferencing.

How much will I need to be involved in the project?

Your degree of involvement depends on your own interests. We can handle the entirety of the project and deliver a functional product to the client. However, we require that you review and sign wireframes and mockups before proceeding to ensure we agree on the project’s scope and direction. Aside from that, you don’t need to be directly involved.

What recent projects have you done involving custom software development?

You can head over to the “Portfolio” page on our website, where we list all released projects we have worked on before. There you can find a wide range of projects such as iOS, Android, SaaS, and web development.