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React Native

Why Choose React Native for your
Cross Platform Development

iOS and Android Fully Supported

The code written by our team in React Native is designed as a single codebase for both iOS and Android

Easily Reusable Components

With React Native, you get all the building blocks you need that can be reused and compiled to iOS and Android-specific components

Efficiency and Speed

React Native apps are designed to deliver quicker and smoother operations, compared to other native applications.

Allows for a UI-Centered Approach

With React Native we can offer a user interface that’s incredibly responsible for utilizing asynchronous interactions in JavaScript

Full Community Help and Support

As React Native is a highly collaborative and community-led platform, we can provide you with the means to benefit from the help and support of experts and developers from around the world.

3rd Party Plugin Compatibility

With React Native, 3rd Party plugin linking is possible within the Native module, meaning that your apps are less reliant on just WebView.

Resource Optimization

When you have React Native apps, you have the benefit of optimal memory and power, making them a better option than traditional Android and iOS apps.

Quicker Deployment

React Native allows for apps to be built more quickly for use with iOS and Android devices, therefore reducing the effort and time needed to develop individual apps that will work on both kinds of devices.

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    Quick Friends: Custom Cross Platform Chat App Developed by Idea Maker
    Pink Avenue Beauty: Business App Development by Idea Maker
    I Am Available: Custom Mobile App Development by Idea Maker

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    WHY US?

    We don’t just build mobile apps or webpages. We build platforms that manage data, present information and deliver results. Because let’s face it. The world is more interconnected than ever before.

    We have experience in designing complex systems with rock solid reliability. Because there’s more to just getting an app finished. You need support for all your users and feature updates. We’re with you the entire way.

    How will you keep me updated on the project progress?

    We’ll give you weekly updates, including all advancements we’ve made on your project. In addition, we’ll use TestFlight to send test versions of your app for approval as we iterate. We may also set up a video conference to walk you through our progress and ensure we are on the same page. Occasionally, we’ll provide test Android APK files or set up your application on a server so you can test it.

    How much does it cost to develop a React Native application?

    It depends on the needs and scope of your application. Our projects start at $20,000, and additional features such as extra APIs, FinTech security, video streaming, or live chat raise the development cost.

    Why should I choose Idea Maker for React Native development?

    We specialize in React Native app development and have used it to develop a wide variety of apps. Our team of highly technical developers is a perfect fit for your next project. You can find several examples on our portfolio page.

    Can Idea Maker take over my ongoing React Native project?

    Yes. We have accepted projects started by other developers in the past to fix them up, improve upon the existing code, and get them to completion.

    What are some recent React Native applications developed by Idea Maker?

    We have several React Native apps displayed in the cross-platform section of our portfolio page. Recent examples are Quick Friends, Pink Avenue, and I Am Available.

    Who owns the legal rights to the React Native application developed by Idea Maker?

    The client owns all the rights to the app and codebase developed by Idea Maker.

    Why should I outsource my React Native app development project?

    By outsourcing your React Native app development to Idea Maker, you can focus on other aspects of your business like partnerships, marketing, and client retention. Idea Maker can act as your technical back-office, handling all your app needs like coding, design, graphics, and server management. You’re guaranteed a quality product without having to worry about the technical details of it.

    How long does it take to build a React Native application?

    A React Native app takes three to six months to prototype, develop, test, and release. This time estimation varies depending on your app’s scope, complexity, and additional features.

    Can I hire React Native developers from Idea Maker for my project?

    Yes. Idea Maker has extensive experience with mobile development, and we can offer several developers able to build custom React Native apps for your company.