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Idea Maker has many options for creating beautiful and efficient payment processing options for your mobile apps and website projects. Stripe is one of our most commonly used application integrations for accurate payment processing.

Google Maps

Google Maps is such a massive part of our lives, from finding your way around a new location to deciding what to eat for dinner. Integrating Google Maps into your mobile app or website will help your business find and engage clients. If your business idea involves mapping, then Google Maps Integration is the best option for your idea’s success.


We have extensive experience in video streaming. From 3rd party integrations to native peer to peer WebRTC developments. Whatever your needs we know how to get it done efficiently.


Make it easy for your clients to stay in the loop with your services through subscriptions. Paid subscriptions are one way to maintain the connection with your clients. At Idea Maker, we use Stripe and Apple Pay to manage your subscriptions needs for mobile apps and websites alike.

Chat Systems

People are social creatures, even in a time of social distancing. Digital social networking is the way of the present and will be the future. Chat systems used in your mobile app or website make it easy to interact with others that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. Integrating a chat system into your app or website will help clients connect with you and other users.


Idea Maker has experts who can build your machine learning solutions. Streamline processes, analyze data and make predictions.

3rd Party APIs

A 3rd party provides 3rd party APIs.. They allow actions such as signing in to your website services using your Gmail or Facebook login credentials. Creating convenient ways to access your business app or website will encourage people to invest their time and money into what you’ve got to offer.


Whether you’re interested in crypto currency or NFTs. Blockchain or Bitcoin, Idea Maker has the experience to build your project.

In House Developers

We do all our own work. You can rest assured we have taken care to provide excellent code quality.

Made in the USA

We are located in Orange County, California. We'll understand your product and business better than any offshore developer.


We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help keep costs and development times in line with your business goals.

building your
Perfect Mobile App

It takes skill and knowledge to bring you quality mobile app development. Don’t trust your dream project to just anyone. Work with Idea Maker, a boutique Orange County mobile app development agency. To us, you aren’t just a number but a unique individual with a goal we’re equally invested in succeeding.

When seeking out a company for your business’ mobile app development choose Idea Maker. We work with iOS apps, Android apps, and Cross-Platform apps to make your idea a success. Don’t miss out on valuable customers due to a user-unfriendly, complicated app. Idea Maker builds apps that are sleek, sophisticated, easy to use, and successful.

When you choose Idea Maker for your mobile app development you get the kind of dedicated care that you deserve. We will work hard on your project to ensure that it works well. We will never outsource your app’s development. Our staff does all our own work so that the code is right the first time.

We can include any functionality you need to give your app its greatest chance at breaking into the top 25. Ready for superior mobile app development? Contact Idea Maker today.

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    Why choose Idea Maker mobile app development services?

    There are three main reasons to choose Idea Maker. First, we are a US-based company subject to the laws of the United States, so you won’t have to deal with international issues. Second, we have an excellent reputation with many positive testimonials on our website, powered and verified by Clutch. Lastly, we have developed a large number of projects. You can learn more about them on our Portfolio page.

    What is the cost of mobile app development in 2022?

    The cost of app development depends on many factors, such as the platform being developed for, FinTech systems, HIPAA security, payment system, number of APIs, external integrations, and more. If you want to get an accurate number, contact us to get a quote.

    How should I choose a mobile app development platform for my project?

    The best way to choose a mobile app development platform is to talk with Idea Maker about the details and nuance of your project, so we can better understand your needs. And then, based on the information gathered, make an accurate recommendation that fits your requirements.

    What solutions do you provide for mobile app development?

    At Idea Maker, we provide a full suite of mobile development services. We have experience and knowledge to handle backend services, chat services, payment systems, video streaming, third-party APIs, and more.

    How can I manage my product development process and workflow?

    At Idea Maker, we’re used to working with startups, entrepreneurs, and non-technical people. To help our clients, we have built a proven process to manage and structure your project. You can find more details about this process on our website, under Our Development Process.

    How much should I be involved in the app development process?

    We are used to delivering complete products with minimal involvement. You determine your own level of engagement in the development. However, we request that you review wireframes and mockups to ensure we understand the direction and scope of your project. Additionally, we’ll provide weekly updates, so you can review progress and request changes as needed.

    Why should I outsource my mobile app development project?

    Mobile app development requires expertise in many areas, like UI/UX design, back/frontend coding, mobile app coding, and more. Doing this in-house becomes expensive and can lead to a poor product. At Idea Maker, we have experts in all areas of development to deliver an efficient product at a lower cost.

    How long does it take to complete a mobile app development project?

    A well-structured mobile app development project takes a minimum of 6 months to develop. Depending on additional features and complexity, it takes up to one year.

    What recent projects have you done with mobile app development?

    On our Portfolio page, you can see a list of all our recent projects. First, we have I Am Available, a readiness alert notification system. Next, there’s Pink Avenue, a beauty salon Software as a Service that helps salon owners with worker and client management. Lastly, we have Quick Friends, a social network to meet people in real life, including event planning and chat systems.