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Future-proof your business with expert generative AI development services that marry intuitive design with powerful technology.

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Transform Your Business With Our Generative AI Services

At Idea Maker, we provide a number of generative AI development services aimed at elevating your business. From AI strategy development to chatbot knowledge base creation, our experts are committed to delivering quality with every project.


Generative AI Strategy Development

Our experienced team of AI developers provide detailed generative AI strategy development to help your business smoothly integrate with artificial intelligence. We anticipate any bumps in the road and strategize effective solutions, allowing your AI systems to be up and running as soon as possible. When working with Idea Maker, you’re setting yourself up for success.


Generative AI Consulting

Need some extra advice on your generative AI project? We offer consulting services that connect you with one of our experts for around-the-clock guidance and support. Together, we walk through your idea and build an AI development or implementation plan that we then put into action.


Generative AI End-to-End Development

From ideation to post-release support, our expert team provides end-to-end generative AI development solutions that you can count on. With this service, we handle every aspect of AI creation, including data training and algorithmic refinement, enabling you to focus your time and efforts on running your business.

Implementing LLMs in Business

With automated processes, elevated customer service, and enhanced data processing, implementing LLM into your business is invaluable. Our large language model integration service allows you to optimize your existing systems and take advantage of the benefits of generative AI. We work closely with you throughout this entire process, ensuring a quality integration and results that exceed expectations.


Generative AI Model Design and Development

We architect effective and logical AI model designs and build them using industry-standard and cutting-edge technologies. Our generative AI model design and development services bring highly powerful and intuitive AI models to your business, automating essential functions. By working with us, you can rest assured that your AI integration is seamlessly created.


Generative AI Model Replication

With our extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence, we’re able to build generative AI tools that offer similar functionality to ChatGPT, LLama, and Claude. We can leverage available AI technology and APIs while also ensuring you have complete control and flexibility over functionality. In other words, our generative AI model replication gives you all the power of existing AI models tailored to your unique needs.

Generative AI Integration and Deployment

Looking to enhance your existing systems and streamline your workflows? With our generative AI integration and deployment services, we create AI solutions specific to your needs and existing business software. Once integrated, we then impose clear deployment procedures that ensure a smooth transition to AI-powered functionality.


Generative AI Support

If you already have an AI system that you’re struggling with, we’re here to help. With our generative AI support services, we assess your project status to fully understand its functionality and give you clear instructions on how to alleviate any issues. We may also provide active maintenance if required.


Domain-Specific AI Model

We offer domain-specific AI model development for a wide array of industries. From fintech and healthcare to marketing and eCommerce, our experts provide AI technology that targets the unique needs of your industry. Get ahead of the competition with a domain-specific AI model from Idea Maker.


Chatbot Knowledge Base Services

Our AI specialists will provide you with a chatbot knowledge base service to ensure you and your team can fully utilize artificial intelligence. For this, we build portals containing all the information you and your team need to understand how to use your new AI chatbot.

Expert Guidance With Generative AI Consulting


Generative Models


Machine Learning


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Deep Learning

Data Collection and Annotation

Model Fine-Tuning


Transfer Learning


Generative AI Consulting


Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Systems


Building and Hosting Private LLMs


Integrating Generative AI Models

Cutting-Edge AI Models We Use






PaLM 2
















Stable Diffusion



Our Proven Process for Generative AI Services

Over the last decade, we’ve honed our development process to ensure that we deliver quality with each and every project. When it comes to AI, however, we’ve made a few tweaks to our process in line with additional technology requirements.

Identify Goals and Objectives

The process begins with a thorough discussion about your project’s overall goals. For this, we work alongside you to identify your objectives regarding what you hope to achieve with a generative AI integration or application.

Identify Business Needs

After understanding your AI goals, we then take time to understand your business needs. We review your business model and, if required, marketplace to gain better insight into what functionality your AI application will require.


Discover Data Sets

Data is essential for building an AI model. While using existing APIs gives us access to base data sets, we also need to gather information about your business for processing. When building a customer service chatbot, for example, we’ll need a list of FAQs about your business to feed the algorithm.

Data Preparation for Strategy Building

Once we’ve gathered the required data sets, we then prepare it for use with an AI algorithm. This involves cleaning the data and removing any anomalies, as well as clarifying certain information with you. When it’s ready for use, we outline a logical workflow for data implementation.

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Data Security

The next step is to implement a data security protocol to ensure that your information is safe and that users are protected when interacting with your AI. We take extra precautions throughout this phase to ensure that your data is handled correctly and properly stored.

Choosing the Best Tools and Frameworks

When we’ve ensured your data is secure, we then select the best tools for the job. For example, if you’re looking to implement an AI chatbot into your website for customer service, we’ll need to focus on web-based frameworks, whereas a desktop application may demand something like Python.

Generative AI Model Training for Design and Development

Next, we train your AI model on the data we collected and cleaned while also designing its workflow and building functionality. This stage is typically the longest part of the development process, as it requires meticulous attention.


It’s now time to tweak your algorithm and ensure that it processes data correctly. During this fine-tuning phase, we spend several hours training and interacting with your AI model to make certain that it delivers the expected results.

Testing and Validation

After we’ve fine-tuned your AI model, we then run it and your software through a rigorous testing process to validate functionality and ensure security. If any issues are found during testing, we can easily go back and make changes thanks to our Agile approach to development.

Deployment and Integration

Once we’re sure your AI system is bug-free, we then deploy it to your servers or integrate it with your existing applications. We also take care to closely monitor the integration, ensuring your new AI functionality doesn’t clash with your current features.

Support and Maintenance

Now that your AI is implemented, our job’s not over. We offer affordable post-release support options to ensure that your system continues to function effectively.

The Benefits of Generative AI for Businesses


Increased Automation

Enjoy more time to focus on essential creative and critical thinking tasks while generative AI technology handles the boring stuff. From data processing to admin and project management tasks, integrating generative AI into your workflow increases productivity and streamlines operations through powerful automations.


Enhanced Creativity

Use artificial intelligence as a tool to enhance your creativity. Generative AI chatbots offer an excellent sounding board for your ideas and you can even have ideation sessions with your chatbot. All you need is us to build you a generative AI chatbot that understands your unique business requirements.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity

By automating processes and giving team members access to lightning-fast functionality, you can enjoy increased efficiency and productivity. Clear task backlogs, streamline workflows, and provide seamless service to your customers with a generative AI integration.


Improved Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence can process and interpret huge volumes of data in mere minutes, giving your team time to focus on more important tasks. Forget about manual data entry and leverage the power of improved data analysis with contextual trend identification.


Boosted Software Development

Your software development processes are elevated with generative artificial intelligence. We can build you a development-specific chatbot that produces the code you need to build new applications. This means that, with generative AI, you’re able to circumvent the development process and handle your needs independently.


Cost Reduction

By streamlining your workflows, you can greatly reduce your operational costs, freeing up your cash for further investments. Thanks to AI, you can now spend or save your business’s profits with confidence.


Enhanced Personalization and Customization

With an artificial intelligence chatbot, you can provide a personalized experience that accurately understands the context of customer queries. This will help you retain more customers and increase satisfaction, thus encouraging repeat business.


Improved Decision Making and Problem Solving

By analyzing historical and current data, AI algorithms can identify market and customer trends, giving you greater insight when making important business decisions. Solve problems effectively with data-driven decisions facilitated by artificial intelligence.


Enhanced Security

With AI integrated servers, you can monitor incoming and outgoing web traffic for suspicious activity. This keeps you and your customers’ data secure and reduces the chance of malicious parties gaining access to your servers. Protect yourself with generative artificial intelligence.


Increased Accessibility and Inclusivity

Attract and retain more customers by catering to everyone, no matter their needs. AI chatbots enable better accessibility and inclusivity through live chat translations and easy navigation options. Customers can navigate through your site with text alone and have more visual elements described with text-to-speech and image recognition.


Enhanced Learning and Development

Train employees more effectively and efficiently with personalized learning experiences powered by generative AI. With AI, you can ensure your entire team is up to date with your business’s training protocols, tailoring courses to learning levels and filling knowledge gaps by automatically identifying weaker areas of understanding.

Industries That Can Benefit From Generative AI


Banking and Finance






Supply Chain and Logistics










Real Estate


Manufacturing and Product Design


Media and Entertainment


Legal and Compliance


Finance and Accounting




Language Translation






Software Development




Content Creation


Research and Development




Data Analytics






Oil and Gas








Human Resources



Why Choose Idea Maker for Your AI Needs?

At Idea Maker, we have a team of experienced AI experts committed to providing your business with effective generative AI development services. From AI chatbots to AI-powered business security systems, we work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver quality with each project, and have an in-depth know-how of how to elevate your company through artificial intelligence. Head on over to our contact page and schedule a call with us today to learn more about how your business can take advantage of our expertise.

About Us

Founded in 2016, Idea Maker provides high-quality software development services to small and large businesses across a wide range of industries, from finance to aviation. In other words, we’re a highly experienced team and have honed both our development process and collaboration protocols to ensure seamless development. We also pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and work to be reachable round-the-clock to help with your needs. Now we’d like to help your business with our generative AI development services.

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    What is generative AI?

    Generative AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as text, images, music, or other data, based on the patterns it has learned from training data.

    How does generative AI work?

    Generative AI works by using machine learning models, particularly neural networks like GANs (generative adversarial networks) or transformers to generate new data. These models are trained on large data sets and learn to produce new data that mimics the patterns and characteristics of the training data.

    What is generative AI development?

    Generative AI development involves creating and training models to generate new content. This process includes data collection, model selection, training, fine-tuning, and deployment to generate outputs tailored to specific needs or applications.

    What programming language is used in generative AI?

    Python is the most commonly used programming language in generative AI due to its extensive libraries and frameworks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras.

    Can generative AI be customized for my specific needs?

    Yes, generative AI can be customized for specific needs by training models on specialized data sets and fine-tuning them to meet particular requirements or constraints.

    What kind of support do you provide after deploying generative AI models?

    After deployment, we offer various support options aimed at monitoring and maintaining the generative AI model. This includes updates, troubleshooting issues, and performance improvements.

    Is ChatGPT generative AI?

    Yes, ChatGPT is a type of generative AI that creates human-like text responses based on the input it receives.

    How much does it cost to develop generative AI products?

    The cost to develop generative AI products can vary widely based on the complexity of the project, data requirements, development time, and resources needed. It can range from tens of thousands to several million dollars.

    How do I get started with generative AI consulting services?

    To get started with generative AI consulting services, you can reach out to a consultancy that specializes in AI, discuss your specific needs and goals, and develop a plan that includes assessment, strategy, and implementation steps tailored to your requirements.