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Enjoy two apps for the cost and development of one, with Idea Maker cross-platform mobile app development.
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Tech - nocode - Cost Effective

Lower Dev Price

Creating your mobile app with cross-platform software allows you to develop iOS and Android apps with a single code base. You are essentially purchasing two apps for the price of one.

Tech - Python - Vast Lib

Native libraries

Take advantage of cross-platform frameworks that compile your code to native libraries for both iOS and Android.

Tech - Cross Plat - Reusable Comp

Reusable Components

With cross-platform development frameworks like Flutter and React Native, you get all the building blocks you need. The code can be reused and compiled to iOS and Android-specific components.

Tech - Cross Plat - Fast Deploy

Fast Deployment

Cross-platform solutions allow for apps to be built more quickly for use with iOS and Android devices, reducing the effort and time needed to develop individual apps that will work on both kinds of devices.

Tech - Cross Plat - Stunning UI

Stunning UI

Cross-platform frameworks make mobile applications look smooth, sharp, and pleasing to the eye. Ready-to-use interface components make your application look slick and professional, with no additional costs.

Tech - Cross Plat - 3rd Party

3rd Party Plugin Support

With React Native, 3rd Party plugin linking is possible within the Native module, meaning that your apps are less reliant on just WebView.

Tech - react - Resource Opt

Resource Optimization

When you develop Flutter and React Native apps, you have the benefit of optimal memory and power, making them a better option than traditional Android and iOS apps.

Services - SEO - Speed Optimization

Efficiency And Speed

Cross-platform apps built with Flutter and React Native are designed to deliver quicker and smoother operations, compared to other native applications.

Cross-Platform App Development with Idea Maker

Need two apps for the price and time of one? Then you’re in the right place. Cross-platform app development from Idea Maker is both cost-effective and high-quality. Our team has worked extensively on iOS and Android based mobile applications, meaning we understand how to build high functioning apps. This experience, bombined with our intelligent cross–platform technology–React Native and Flutter–mean we can deliver an exceptional product with no time wasted.

Our Cross-Platform App Development Process

1. Discuss

We begin our process with an in-depth consultation in which we determine your requirements and what you expect from us as a cross-platform app development company. This is the perfect time for you to ask any questions you may have about our development process and mobile development technology. By the end of our thirty to sixty minute conversation, we aim to have a clear understanding of your specifications.

2. Design

Then we pass your thoughts onto our specialist design team, who come up with several mockups for you to choose from. Our mockups are designed with functionality and user experience in mind, so you can rest assured that your cross-platform mobile application will appeal to the end-user. After seeing our designs, you may request any design changes and functional considerations to be made before moving forward.

3. Develop

After the design phase comes the development stage, where we take your chosen design and transform it into a functioning mobile application. We take care to marry refined design, focused on user interface and experience, with tangible features, making for powerful mobile applications. This is typically the longest part of the development process as we like to run thorough tests, ensuring a complete application upon delivery.

4. Deploy

Finally, once your cross-platform mobile app is fully developed, we deploy it to the iOS and Android app store. Deployment doesn’t mean the end of development. At Idea Maker, we strongly believe in the importance of post-release support. As a result, we work hard to maintain your mobile application and keep it bug-free after app store delivery.

Technologies Used in Cross-Platform App Development

To build our powerful cross-platform mobile applications we use React Native and Flutter depending on the required codebase. Both frameworks are widely used across the industry and have a proven track record as the foundations for many popular mobile applications, like Reflectify.

Our Previous Cross-Platform App Developments

Cover Fields

Cover Fields

This agricultural project helps users find and learn more about cover fields in their local area. It uses integrated location services to determine where users are in relation to cover fields, and utilizes live data mapping so users can log fields when found. Cover Fields is an excellent example of native technology being used across platforms.

Quick Friends

Quick Friends

Quick Friends is a social networking mobile application aimed at connecting individuals swiftly, especially those with a military background. The app features geo-location to find friends nearby and integrated chat. Quick Friends show the diversity of Idea Maker’s cross-platform solutions, and our ability to work in many different industries.

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    Should I choose a cross-platform application over a native application?

    It depends on your needs. Apps that present data, forms, or transfer information are great candidates for cross-platform apps, giving you two apps for the price of one. However, if your app requires intensive processing power or fast graphics like games, native apps are a better fit, as they can squeeze more performance from mobile devices.

    Are cross platform applications more secure than native applications?

    No, the security of your app depends on the methods and techniques employed by your development team. No development method is intrinsically safer than the other.

    What types of applications are recommended for cross platform app development?

    Applications that don’t require intensive performance or fast graphics. Apps focused on fetching, analyzing, presenting, or filtering data are perfect candidates for cross-platform development.

    Which technology stack is used by Idea Maker for cross platform app development?

    Most of our projects are developed in React Native, but we also work with Flutter. For servers, we use Linux, and we can write any necessary back-end code. We also work with Firebase and Django when applicable, amongst other technologies, making Idea Maker a highly flexible company.

    Does Idea Maker provide custom Android app development services as per my requirement?

    Yes. We have handled many mobile app development projects for Android, iOS, and cross-platform. We are experts in several leading technologies, and we can adapt to all your application needs.

    How much does it cost to develop a cross platform app?

    Prices vary a lot depending on your app needs. Our costs start at $20,000 per complete application and go up depending on extras like the number of APIs, integrations, servers, and FinTech security.

    Who owns the legal rights to the cross platform app developed by Idea Maker?

    The client owns all the rights to the app and codebase developed by Idea Maker.

    Will I be provided maintenance and support after the project is completed?

    Yes. We believe that post-development support is as important as developing the app itself. We want to grow with you and would be glad to provide updates, bug fixes, maintenance, and enhancements for your app.

    How does Idea Maker test the cross platform app before launching it?

    We have a dedicated quality analysis team to run a battery of tests on your app. Additionally, our developers also run several tests on the app during development. Additionally, we can employ an external usability team to run extra tests on request.