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Comprehensive Services Offered by Our Skilled Cross-Platform Developers

Our seasoned cross-platform developers offer end-to-end services to bring your app vision to reality across iOS, Android, and other platforms. We handle the entire app development life cycle from concept and design to launch and post-release support, ensuring a cohesive user experience. With expertise in React Native and Flutter, we build and iterate quickly to deliver feature-rich apps optimized for each platform.

Custom Cross-Platform App Development

Using cross-platform frameworks, we specialize in building custom mobile apps tailored to our client's specific needs and preferences. Our experts closely collaborate with you to turn your app ideas into seamless, practical solutions that solve real business problems across iOS, Android, and web. With robust functionality and platform-specific customization, we create apps purpose-built for your goals across mobile operating systems.

Custom Cross-Platform App Design

Our design team focuses on crafting engaging, seamless apps that strengthen your brand identity across all platforms. Leveraging design best practices, we optimize core user flows while ensuring consistency with native platform conventions for intuitive interactions. With thoughtful visual and interactive elements, we design apps that delight users while achieving key conversions for your business.

Cross-Platform App UI/UX Design

We devote special attention to UI and UX to drive app adoption across platforms. Our designers create wireframes, prototypes, visual assets, and intuitive flows optimized for ease of use, engagement, and conversions. With user research and testing, we refine the interface and experience until we have a cohesive, frictionless design language that transitions seamlessly between operating systems.

Cross-Platform App Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support for your app's lifecycle to help enhance, improve, and continue optimizing it. Through proactive management, we push timely updates, ensure quality assurance across platforms, monitor performance analytics, fix bugs, and add new features based on user feedback. Our post-launch support, aligned with your roadmap, keeps your cross-platform app offering great experiences and continued value over time.

Your Business Needs Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: Here's Why

Going cross-platform allows you to scale your mobile reach cost-effectively while streamlining development and maintenance. With a single codebase deployable to iOS, Android, and web, you can provide every customer with consistent brand experiences and features. Cross-platform app development also enables faster time-to-market so you can focus on rapid innovation versus complex native development.

Full Functionality

Our cross-platform apps provide the full functionality required for an engaging and practical user experience. We implement platform-specific APIs and components for accessing device capabilities like camera, GPS, and notifications across operating systems. The result is feature-rich apps with the core utilities and customized integrations your business needs.

Increased Visibility

By reaching both Android and iOS users simultaneously, cross-platform apps significantly expand your target audience and visibility. With one mobile presence instead of separate native apps, you can focus marketing efforts for greater efficiency and discovery across app stores. The outcome is tapping into new demographics and growth unconstrained by platform to serve more customers.


Cross-platform development leverages code reuse and shared components to reduce overall production and maintenance costs versus separate native apps. With a single codebase instead of two, you save significant development and QA resources long-term while reaching iOS and Android consumers. The result is lower resource overhead, faster time-to-market, and maximized return on investment.

Fast Development Time

Cross-platform development significantly accelerates speed to market over native approaches. By reusing business logic and UI components across platforms, we build functionality faster without core app logic duplication per OS. This increased velocity means getting your all-in-one solution out to end-users sooner for mobile to web.

Cohesive Branding

We develop cross-platform apps that create consistent brand experiences across all major mobile operating systems. With unified UI/UX design and shared interface components, we ensure ease of use while retaining your unique style. The result boosts brand familiarity and seamless user adoption, whether your customers are on iOS or Android.

Simplified Maintenance

Cross-platform app development streamlines ongoing management with a single codebase to maintain versus native apps for each OS. By pushing updates and new features to a shared codebase, you instantly deploy changes across iOS, Android, and web. The outcome is saving significant QA, engineering, and operational resources in the long term for maximized app lifecycle ROI.

What Powers Our Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services?

We leverage leading cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter to deliver robust, high-performing app experiences seamlessly across platforms. These technologies allow us to reuse business logic and UI code across iOS, Android, and web for accelerated development and simplified maintenance long-term.

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React Native

React Native allows us to build mobile apps with real native capabilities using JavaScript and React. We use it to develop cross-platform apps with near-native performance, look, and feel by reusing logic and UI components, saving development resources.



Flutter is a powerful SDK for building beautiful, fast, cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, and web. We leverage Flutter to reuse business logic code across platforms, allowing rapid development of high-performance apps with expressive, customizable UI components.

Cross-Platform App Development Process

We focus on highly collaborative engagements, leveraging an agile approach to empower innovation for complex app builds. With continuous client involvement via sprint reviews and clear visibility into progress, risks, and milestones, we create an environment fostering creativity within pragmatic frameworks for on-strategy execution.

1. Discovery Phase

We initiate every project by deeply understanding your business, objectives, and end-users and start planning out the technical approach. This discovery phase focuses on aligning our app development strategies to your priorities through collaborative workshops.

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2. Design Phase

Next, our design team mocks up wireframes, prototypes, visual assets, and UI flows optimized per platform while retaining brand consistency. With user testing and research, we iterate and refine designs for an intuitive, engaging experience across operating systems.

3. Development Phase

Leveraging agile sprints, our expert development team builds out core app functionality using React Native or Flutter to enable code reuse across iOS, Android, and web. We ensure regular client reviews to align on progress and iterate based on feedback.

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4. Launch & Maintenance

As we near launch, we focus on comprehensive testing, establishing monitoring, and planning post-release support to keep your app performing optimally. We also provide ongoing maintenance, such as new capability development, performance optimizations, and scaling, to meet growing demand over time per your roadmap.

Why Idea Maker Has the Best Cross-Platform Developers for Your Business

With seasoned technical talent and years of specialized expertise, our developers deliver premium cross-platform mobile apps backed by strong business acumen. We move rapidly from concept to seamless product-market fit across platforms while optimizing for scalability and maximum long-term ROI. Our team acts as trusted advisors to elevate and empower your mobile capabilities year after year.

Experienced Team

Our cross-platform developers bring years of specialized expertise in building high-quality apps across operating systems. This seasoned technical talent allows us to translate complex app ideas into intuitive experiences quickly using the right mix of frameworks and technologies.

Experienced Team
Clearly Defined Development Procedure

Clearly Defined Development Procedure

We follow a proven development process with built-in best practices for efficient, low-risk executions. With clear milestones, success metrics, and robust quality assurance testing, we ensure transparency and accountability across all project stages. Our refined procedures enable on-time, on-budget delivery of apps offering premium user experiences.

Marketing Options

We provide integrated marketing services to maximize the discovery of your app across platforms and drive user adoption. From crafting targeted go-to-market strategies to managing app store optimization, we use proven growth techniques tailored to your goals and audiences.

Marketing Options
Post-Release Support

Post-Release Support

We provide ongoing post-release support focused on enhancing platform versatility, user retention, and maintaining seamless experiences. With continuous app monitoring, timely updates, and scaling capabilities on-demand, we enable your app to keep delivering ROI long after launch.

Unlock Cross-Platform App Success

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Our Previous Cross-Platform App Developments

Cover Fields App

Cover Fields

This agricultural project helps users find and learn more about cover fields in their local area. It uses integrated location services to determine where users are in relation to cover fields, and utilizes live data mapping so users can log fields when found. Cover Fields is an excellent example of native technology being used across platforms.

Quick Friends App

Quick Friends

Quick Friends is a social networking mobile application aimed at connecting individuals swiftly, especially those with a military background. The app features geo-location to find friends nearby and integrated chat. Quick Friends show the diversity of Idea Maker’s cross-platform solutions, and our ability to work in many different industries.

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Should I choose a cross-platform application over a native application?

It depends on your needs. Apps that present data, forms, or transfer information are great candidates for cross-platform apps, giving you two apps for the price of one. However, if your app requires intensive processing power or fast graphics like games, native apps are a better fit, as they can squeeze more performance from mobile devices.

Are cross platform applications more secure than native applications?

No, the security of your app depends on the methods and techniques employed by your development team. No development method is intrinsically safer than the other.

What types of applications are recommended for cross platform app development?

Applications that don’t require intensive performance or fast graphics. Apps focused on fetching, analyzing, presenting, or filtering data are perfect candidates for cross-platform development.

Which technology stack is used by Idea Maker for cross platform app development?

Most of our projects are developed in React Native, but we also work with Flutter. For servers, we use Linux, and we can write any necessary back-end code. We also work with Firebase and Django when applicable, amongst other technologies, making Idea Maker a highly flexible company.

Does Idea Maker provide custom Android app development services as per my requirement?

Yes. We have handled many mobile app development projects for Android, iOS, and cross-platform. We are experts in several leading technologies, and we can adapt to all your application needs.

How much does it cost to develop a cross platform app?

Prices vary a lot depending on your app needs. Our costs start at $20,000 per complete application and go up depending on extras like the number of APIs, integrations, servers, and FinTech security.

Who owns the legal rights to the cross platform app developed by Idea Maker?

The client owns all the rights to the app and codebase developed by Idea Maker.

Will I be provided maintenance and support after the project is completed?

Yes. We believe that post-development support is as important as developing the app itself. We want to grow with you and would be glad to provide updates, bug fixes, maintenance, and enhancements for your app.

How does Idea Maker test the cross platform app before launching it?

We have a dedicated quality analysis team to run a battery of tests on your app. Additionally, our developers also run several tests on the app during development. Additionally, we can employ an external usability team to run extra tests on request.