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Take advantage of Flutter and get two apps for the price of one.
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Why Choose Flutter App Development Services?

Flutter app development services are a cost-effective way to build mobile applications across multiple platforms with only one codebase.

iOS and Android Fully Supported

The code written by our team in Flutter is designed as a single codebase for both iOS and Android.

Easily Reusable Components

With Flutter, you get all the building blocks you need that can be reused and compiled into iOS and Android-specific components.

Efficiency and Speed

Flutter apps are designed to deliver quicker and smoother operations compared to other native applications.

Stunning UI

Flutter makes mobile applications look smooth, sharp, and pleasing to the eye. Ready-to-use interface components make your application look slick and professional with no additional costs.

Community Help and Support

The Flutter platform is embraced by a highly collaborative community. Benefit from the help and support of experts and Flutter app developers worldwide.

Improved Accessibility

Flutter comes with accessibility tools by default to reach as many users as possible. Larger adjustable fonts, screen reading with auditory feedback, contrast options, and more.

Amazing Performance

Flutter mobile applications run with a performance comparable to native applications. No resources are wasted communicating, as Dart compiles directly into native code.

Quicker Deployment

Flutter allows Flutter app developers to swiftly build applications for use with iOS and Android devices, reducing the time and effort needed to develop individual apps that work on both kinds of devices.

Why Choose Idea Maker as Your Flutter App Development Company?

Do you want to take advantage of the above-listed services from expert Flutter app developers? If so, schedule a free consultation with us today, and we’ll discuss how we can make your vision a reality. At Idea Maker, we have years of experience as an app development company building iOS and Android mobile apps while streamlining cross-platform processes using Flutter.

In simple terms, Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to create cross-platform mobile apps from one codebase. This saves us time and money, as you’re only paying for one app but receiving two. Flutter is similar to React Native, another cross-platform SDK offered by Idea Make, but provides greater integration options for Android as it was created by Google.

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What Can We Build Using Flutter?

Any app that can be natively developed for iOS or Android can be built using Flutter. These include:

Examples of Flutter Driven Applications?

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Google Ads

As a Google-made product, it is no surprise that Google itself utilizes the power of Flutter across its major mobile apps. One such example is the Google Ads management app for iOS and Android. It features a sleek design that runs smoothly on both operating systems while retaining high levels of functionality typically only seen in native development.

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SpaceX Go

SpaceX Go! allows users to follow upcoming SpaceX launches and events while showcasing information and statistics about space vessels, Tesla vehicles, and more. Though an unofficial app, it’s an excellent example of how Flutter can be used for native app development, as well as cross-platform, as SpaceX Go! is currently only available on Android devices.

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Initially starting life on the React Native framework, Reflectify developers switched to Flutter because they wanted to develop an iOS and Android app using only an Android codebase. Now Reflectify is available on both platforms and is ever-popular as a daily mood journaling application.

Idea Maker’s Flutter App Development Process

The Idea Maker Flutter development procedure follows much the same process as our other technologies but with a greater focus on creating parallel features that function smoothly across both iOS and Android. Our outlined development process is broken down into four key steps. For a more detailed breakdown, check out our development procedure page.

1. Discuss

First, like any quality Flutter app development company, we begin with a discussion. This usually takes the form of a thirty to sixty-minute consultation, where we ascertain your requirements and formulate a plan of action. Our consultation is the perfect time for you to ask questions about our process and methodology, but we’re available throughout development to answer your queries.

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2. Design

The next step is to prototype and design your mobile application. At this stage, our design team typically creates several mockups for you to choose from. Depending on the complexity of your application, these could come in the form of basic wireframes or full-fledged design concepts. Once you’ve selected a design that suits you best, our team refines it for functionality and a trouble-free user experience.

3. Develop

After design comes the development stage, in which we program your cross-platform mobile application. Our developers take your design and functionality requirements and seamlessly marry the two, resulting in a polished user experience.

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4. Deploy

Finally, once your application is fully developed, we can deploy it to your servers for you to take over, or we can guide you through the process of uploading it to app stores. We recommend you allow us to deal with app store publishing, as there can be many frustrating hoops to jump through during this process. Once live, we work with you post-release to monitor and maintain your mobile app.

Technologies Used In Flutter App Development

The Flutter SDK is based on Google’s object-based programming language, Dart. But how does this affect mobile apps developed using Flutter? As an object-based framework, Dart makes Flutter excellent for client-side development. This means that Flutter applications are perfectly poised to create a refined user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), both crucial components in building engaging applications.

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    Why Choose Idea Maker for Flutter App Development?

    We have extensive experience developing and maintaining Flutter apps. It’s cost-effective, and once we finish writing the code for the app, it can be deployed both on iOS and Android. So if you’d like a Flutter app with superior performance and fast development at an affordable price, hire us at Idea Maker.

    Can I use Flutter for my existing app?

    Yes, we can convert an existing app to Flutter cross-platform development. However, an app rewrite is necessary if your app was developed in another programming language.

    How much does Flutter app development cost?

    Prices vary a lot depending on your app needs. Our costs start at $20,000 per complete application and go up depending on extras like the number of APIs, integrations, servers, and FinTech security.

    Why should I use Flutter for app development?

    Flutter is a popular and modern programming language backed by Google. It has several features to fix issues of past programming languages while focusing on superior performance, making it ideal for cross-platform development.

    What types of apps can you develop with Flutter?

    Flutter can be used to develop almost any kind of app, the only exception being apps that require intensive graphical performance like games.

    How can I contact Idea Maker to discuss my Flutter app development project?

    You can schedule a meeting with us to talk about your Flutter project by email, phone call, or the contact form found on our website.

    How long does it take to develop an Flutter app?

    Our Flutter apps take, on average, three to six months to develop. This estimation includes writing the code, wireframing, building mockups, and intensive testing.

    Can I hire developers at Idea Maker for my Flutter app development?

    Yes. Idea Maker has extensive experience with mobile development, and we can offer several developers able to build stellar Flutter apps for your company.

    How will you deliver my application after completion?

    After completion, we can deploy your app to app stores in your stead to speed up its release. On request, we can also send you test builds directly to your phone using TestFlight or send you APK files.

    Who owns the legal rights to the source code of the application?

    The client owns all the rights to the app and codebase developed by Idea Maker.

    Can I switch to Idea Maker from another software development provider and continue my project?

    Yes. We have accepted projects started by other developers in the past to fix them up, improve upon the existing code, and get them to completion.

    Why should I outsource my Flutter app development project?

    When you’re opening a business, there’s a lot to worry about, like partner relationships, client retention, and marketing. That’s where Idea Maker comes in by handling everything needed in your application like coding, design, graphics, and server management. By outsourcing your app development to us, we guarantee the delivery of a quality app that fits your specifications, allowing you extra time to focus on the growth and marketing of your business.