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Artificial Intelligence Development Services We Provide

At Idea Maker, we offer a wide range of AI services aimed at enhancing your business’s operations. Here are just a few AI development services we provide.

Smart AI Assistants and Chatbots

We build intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots customized for your business needs. Our natural language capabilities allow seamless conversational interactions to assist customers and automate workflows.

AI Product Development

We can infuse AI throughout your consumer or enterprise products to unlock capabilities like personalized recommendations, anomaly detection, forecasting, and more. Our end-to-end services span ideation to launch.

AI Customer Service Chatbots

AI-powered customer service chatbots allow businesses to provide 24/7 support to customers without the need to hire a large team of service agents or outsource to call centers. With this service, AI chatbots offer customers attentive support while accurately understanding their needs and protecting their privacy.

AI-Powered CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is crucial in maintaining a positive online reputation. Artificial intelligence takes CRM applications to the next level by providing advanced analytical capabilities that ensure businesses can properly identify issues in their service lines and customer relationships.

Recommendation Engines

AI-driven recommendation engines allow online stores to identify and understand customer preferences based on their historical purchases and browsing habits. After determining these preferences, it then automatically suggests products to customers, helping to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Recommendation engines can also be used for social media platforms, streaming services, and any content-based website.

AI Security

When applied intelligently, AI can significantly strengthen cybersecurity through techniques like behavioral analysis, threat detection, and predictive maintenance. We leverage AI to harden defenses across networks, endpoints, applications, and data.

AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS)

AI-as-a-Service is a cloud-based service offered by companies like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud that enables businesses to experiment with the technology without any large investments. At Idea Maker, we can help you access numerous AI tools from the cloud, including digital assistants, APIs, and machine learning frameworks, ensuring scalable and customizable AI solutions at a much lower cost.


Automation Solutions

Artificial intelligence is perfect for automating repetitive administrative tasks and data entry. Not only can AI help businesses make more informed decisions by extrapolating trends and patterns within data, it can also modify data itself, reducing the need for repetitive human labor. As a result, AI-driven task automation can be applied to a variety of company departments, including project management, analytics, and marketing.

Intelligent Search Engines

Using AI to better understand user behavior and preferences, artificial intelligence can function as an excellent basis for intelligent search engines implemented on large sites. This is particularly useful when building a news website, video-sharing site, social media platform, or any website with a large amount of content, as AI makes it easier to accurately connect users with the content they desire.

AI Enterprise Software

Artificial intelligence lends itself to many types of businesses, opening new doors for smaller companies that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. However, the technology is poised to play a particularly valuable role in medium to large businesses through enterprise software integration. With this, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce costs, reduce human error, and enhance reporting.

Predictive Modeling

Advanced machine learning algorithms allow our experts to uncover key predictive insights within your data. Consequently, with customizable predictive models, we can help your business leverage AI to forecast sales, detect fraud, and anticipate churn.

Why Your Business Needs AI

Seeing as you found your way to this page, you likely already understand some of the advantages of implementing AI into your business. However, if you’re still on the fence, here are some benefits of incorporating AI into your operations that should be considered.

Improve Productivity

By taking the workload of noncritical tasks off employees’ shoulders through intelligent automation, AI helps improve the productivity of businesses. This allows companies to spend more time focusing on high-priority and more profitable tasks, boosting the overall efficiency of the business.

Reduce Costs

Artificial intelligence integration has the potential to lower your business’s day-to-day costs by improving efficiency and reducing the need for outsourced labor for administrative tasks like data entry.

Minimize Human Error

Humans are prone to making mistakes, especially when dealing with large quantities of data or after working many hours. Artificial intelligence, however, thrives on expansive datasets and never gets fatigued. As a result, AI helps to minimize human error in repetitive tasks that oftentimes cause humans to go “data blind.”

Enhance Analytics and Reporting

Thanks to its impressive data processing capabilities, artificial intelligence is an excellent driver for business analytics and reporting. AI can be used to take your data, identify patterns and trends, and create easy-to-understand visualizations, making data-driven decision-making more convenient.

Technology Stack for Next Level AI Services

Our team has access to an extensive amount of resources, including any AI model with a publicly available API. Below are the top three AI models we use in software development; however, if you’d like us to use another, don’t hesitate to ask.



GPT-4, which powers the latest version of ChatGPT, is known as a “multimodal” model, meaning it accepts image inputs, as well as text. According to the OpenAI website, GPT-4 exhibits human-level performance as per several academic and professional benchmarks. In other words, GPT-4 is an ideal AI model for enterprise-level applications that require complex functionality.


Claude API

Created and maintained by Anthropic, is another large language model like ChatGPT that’s capable of data processing, text and code generation, human-like conversion, and document analysis. With the Claude API, we can smoothly integrate this powerful functionality into our AI solutions.



DALL-E is an AI system developed by OpenAI, the people behind ChatGPT, that’s capable of generating images based on user text prompts. The application of this technology is excellent for on-demand marketing content, populating websites with images, and computer vision, which allows computers to see and interpret visual input much like humans.

Industries We Serve

At Idea Maker, we have experience serving a vast array of industries. Don’t be fooled, however, this is not an exhaustive list; in fact,chances are, someone on our team has worked within your industry.


Our team has integrated eCommerce functionality into a multitude of projects, from travel agent sites to aviation marketing platforms. We are experienced in eCommerce platform development and believe the industry is a strong contender for AI integration due to its many valuable use cases, such as recommendation engines and customer service chatbots.


A large part of our client base is medium-sized enterprises looking to scale with the help of intelligent software like our AI solutions. As a result, we’ve worked on numerous enterprise-level projects that have required complex functionality, including machine learning and advanced site search.

Real Estate

We’ve also developed a variety of real estate platforms, from basic realtor websites to complex open house event-planning platforms. Real estate is an industry that stands to highly benefit from AI integration through capabilities like recommendation engines, chatbots, data processing, and security enhancements.

Financial Services

In the financial sector, AI can assist with tasks like credit risk assessment, investment recommendations, customer support, and fraud detection. By analyzing customer data and market trends, AI systems can generate insights to inform risk models, predict profitable investment opportunities, provide personalized product suggestions, and flag suspicious activity. If properly applied, AI even has the power to substantially reduce costs and also strengthen engagement.


AI holds great potential to augment patient care while optimizing healthcare operations. In fact, the technology has many valuable uses in the healthcare industry, including analyzing patient data to support diagnostic decisions, triaging cases by severity, enhancing hospital logistics, and revealing population health insights. When thoughtfully implemented, AI can ultimately help improve patient outcomes, lower costs, and increase accessibility.

Customer Care

For customer-facing businesses, AI can significantly boost the service experience. Intelligent chatbots, for example, can handle common inquiries to reduce call volume, while predictive models can be used to identify at-risk customers before churn occurs. Additionally, speech analytics can help reveal pain points across support calls, and automation can swiftly resolve issues. Together, these AI capabilities can bolster top-of-the-line customer satisfaction.


In education, AI can enable more personalized, adaptive learning at scale. For instance, it could be leveraged to reinforce challenging concepts for students based on their needs, suggest improvements to instructional methods by analyzing outcomes, or automate administrative tasks to empower educators. AI also has the potential to expand access to quality education.

Our AI Development Process

At Idea Maker, we’ve refined our development process over the years to provide high-quality developments that are delivered within our agreed deadlines. Our team has updated our development process specifically for AI projects, ensuring that our AI solutions are just that: effective solutions to your business’s needs.


We start by thoroughly understanding your goals and constraints. Our technical experts assess potential AI approaches suited to your challenges. We also evaluate necessary data inputs, infrastructure requirements, and risks. The outcome is an actionable plan grounded in real-world feasibility.


Next, we create system designs focused on an optimal user experience. For this, we map out natural interaction flows, intuitive interfaces, and impactful visualizations to bring AI capabilities to life. Our designs balance functionality, simplicity and branding for seamless adoption

POC (Proof of Concept)

We then develop an initial proof of concept focused on core functionality to validate our approach early on. You’re able to review this hands-on prototype and provide feedback to refine the system even before full development. This ensures alignment and catches issues early.


With designs finalized, our engineering team builds out the complete end-to-end AI solution. We integrate the required models, data pipelines, APIs, frontends, infrastructure, and integrations that enable real-world deployment.


Once launched, we monitor system performance, usage and user feedback. Our maintenance ensures optimal reliability and security. We also tune models over time as new data emerges. This ongoing enhancement means your AI solution continuously improves.

Why Choose Idea Maker as Your AI Development Partner?

At Idea Maker, we are an experienced team of expert software developers, machine learning and AI specialists, attentive project managers, and creative designers ready to handle your next project. If that’s not enough to convince you as to why Idea Maker is the best choice for your project, here’s a few more reasons:

Efficient Development Cycle

Our refined processes, technical excellence, and clear communication enable us to deliver AI solutions on time and budget without sacrificing quality. We focus on predictable outcomes, not open-ended contracts.

Scalable AI Solutions

We architect AI systems for real-world performance, stability, and growth. Our engineers build secure, maintainable solutions tailored to scale, from rapid prototypes to enterprise-level deployments.

Secure Data Handling

We are dedicated to adhering to industry best practices for data security, access controls, and privacy. Our team stays current on regulations and compliance standards to ensure lawful, ethical data practices that earn your trust.

Customizable Services

Rather than pre-packaged offerings, we always customize our approach to match your unique requirements. As a result, you get bespoke solutions crafted to address your specific challenges, not one-size-fits-all software.

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