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Why Use Django to Build Your Next Project?

Ideamaker - Modern Framework

Modern Framework

Django comes with all the core features you need to build a modern application. Moreover, its 2005 release ensures that it’s mature, stable, and feature-rich alongside Python with its 1991 release, offering plenty of support for Django with a vast ecosystem of third-party libraries.

Ideamaker - Python Based

Python Based

Django is powered by Python, making it easy to learn and accessible to developers for being the first language of many. Python also has a big community with a vast library for web, hardware, and AI, adding even more value to Django.

Ideamaker - Fast for Development

Fast for Development

Django incentivizes Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principles, encouraging developers to reuse old code for new purposes, reducing bugs and issues. As a result, the practice leads to quicker development.

Ideamaker - Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Django has a complete security package, including protections against SQL Injections, CSRF attacks, Clickjacking, and many others. And since it’s open-source, everything is thoroughly tested.

Ideamaker - Popular with Big Companies

Popular with Big Companies

Due to its high flexibility, security, support, and maturity, big companies like Instagram, Mozilla, Dropbox, and Spotify have adopted Django. This acceptance from large companies helps drive home how reliable and efficient it is to use it in applications.

Ideamaker - Fit for Any Project

Fit for Any Project

Django’s community has built a lot of plugins and libraries to cover most use cases, streamlining the creation of any application. Additionally, many projects use Python-based APIs, making Django’s integration easier.

Ideamaker - Huge Community

Huge Community

A large community of experienced developers makes Django welcoming to new developers. And the community provides many resources, documentation, tutorials, blog posts, videos, and more.

Ideamaker - SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

The Django SEO framework, together with its built-in robot.txt manager, significantly aids developers in optimizing SEO in applications. Django can greatly reduce page loading times by using cached templates, compressing CSS and JavaScript. It even generates readable URLs that can be used together with relevant keywords.

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    What is the Django framework used for?

    Django is a Python framework used in web and web app development. It’s powerful, flexible, and used by large companies like Spotify, Instagram, and GitHub, showing its capability to perform even while handling millions of users.

    When should I use Django for web development?

    Always. Django is what we call a modern yet mature framework. It has all the features you need in a web framework and all the benefits of Python. In addition, Django has been around for years, has a large community, and many well-tested libraries, making it a reliable option for any web development.

    How secure is the Django framework for web development?

    Django is as secure as any other framework in the market, as the security of a project depends on the developers and practices employed. That said, Django does offer a set of built-in security features for developers, and as an open-source project, the Django community has thoroughly tested it for security loopholes.

    Can I use Django for my video streaming web application?

    Yes. Django is capable of handling any web application, including video streaming. For reference, we have built streaming applications with Django in the past.

    Can I hire Django developers from Idea Maker for my project?

    Yes. We specialize in Django development and have several experienced developers ready to contribute to your project.

    How much does it cost for a Django development project?

    Prices vary a lot depending on your app needs. Our costs start at $20,000 per complete application and go up depending on extras like the number of APIs, integrations, servers, and FinTech security.

    Why should I outsource my Django web development project?

    If you need an app developed quickly, thoroughly tested, and made with the highest quality standard, then you should consider outsourcing development to a reputable company like Idea Maker. You’re guaranteed a high-quality product with fast development and superior post-development support when hiring Idea Maker.

    Are websites developed using the Django framework SEO friendly?

    Yes. The Django framework supports everything you need to have an SEO-efficient website like meta tags, robots.txt framework, open graph tags, schema markup, and more. Large companies like Spotify use Django for SEO with great success.

    How long does it take to develop a Django web application?

    It depends on your application scope, needs, and complexity. The fastest application we can make takes approximately one week.

    Will Idea Maker provide maintenance and support after my web application is launched?

    Yes, we believe that quality post-development support is an integral part of the service we provide. We want to grow together by providing bug fixes, maintenance, and enhancements after your project launches.

    How will Idea Maker deliver the project after completion?

    Once your application is ready, Idea Maker will set up your project on a server of your choice, ensure everything is up and running correctly, and run tests to ensure your customers can access it. We also provide maintenance, support, enhancements, and bug fixes as part of our post-development services.