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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) and website development platform built on PHP and MySQL. With user-friendly administration tools and a vast ecosystem of plugins, themes, and integrations, WordPress powers over 40% of all websites, from personal blogs to enterprise solutions. Its versatility, security, performance, scalability, and active global community make WordPress the platform of choice for all types of websites.

What Makes Us the WordPress Experts?

As dedicated WordPress experts, our team combines extensive expertise in development, design, and digital strategy to craft engaging custom experiences. We deliver enterprise-class solutions packed with lead capture, sales enablement, and scalability capabilities. With years of building innovative integrated WordPress platforms, we have an impressive track record of creating transformative presences for clients worldwide.

Why Clients Choose Our WordPress Website Development Services

Clients choose us for our collaborative approach, artisan-quality work, and uniquely tailored WordPress solutions designed to amplify brands and drive conversions. We deeply understand each client’s goals and users to deliver customized experiences on a flexible WordPress foundation. The result aligns with our client’s brand identity with specific features and integrations engineered to captivate their audience effectively.

Why Clients Choose Our WordPress Website Development Services

Clients choose us for our collaborative approach, artisan-quality work, and uniquely tailored WordPress solutions designed to amplify brands and drive conversions. We deeply understand each client’s goals and users to deliver customized experiences on a flexible WordPress foundation. The result aligns with our client’s brand identity with specific features and integrations engineered to captivate their audience effectively.

We Deliver Quality WordPress Web Design Services

Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)

We build fully customized content management system solutions on the flexible WordPress platform aligned to our client's unique business needs and workflows. This capability enables personalized content management, governance, and distributed publishing across your organization.

Complex Functionality

Our WordPress developers integrate complex functionality such as custom databases, member portals, online courses, dynamic pricing engines, and more to create feature-rich experiences. We translate innovative ideas into intuitive interfaces and powerful capabilities that effectively address your requirements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

We specialize in integrating WordPress with all major CRM platforms, connecting sales and marketing ecosystems for streamlined lead management. By consolidating systems, we help you gain visibility across your pipeline and create personalized customer experiences driven by data insights.

Database Integration

We specialize in advanced database integration and custom SQL functionality development to power innovative WordPress solutions such as member portals, listings directories, online courses, and dynamic back-ends. This facilitates powerful data management, governance, and analytics within your platform.

Sleek Design

Our talented designers collaborate with you closely to build stunning WordPress experiences fully aligned to your brand identity and audiences, with compelling UI/UX design crafted to effectively engage users and drive conversions. We translate business objectives into intuitive interfaces that resonate with your brand identity.

Original Copy

Let our writing team handle all search engine optimized copywriting or seamlessly collaborate with your marketing team. We deliver targeted content tuned to your brand voice and audiences while encouraging visitors to move towards action. Our compelling copy captures attention while aligning with conversion goals.

Digital Marketing Options

We offer fully integrated digital marketing services from SEO to paid ads and more to boost online visibility. Our data-driven omnichannel approach maximizes exposure across touchpoints to optimize your conversion funnels by aligning cross-channel digital campaigns to your key performance indicators (KPIs).

What Goes Into Our WordPress Web Design and Development Services?

Our WordPress process artfully combines strategy, design, and development into solutions uniquely tailored for you. We focus on understanding, then actualizing your vision through custom-built experiences engineered to captivate audiences and continually drive results.


We start every project with an intensive upfront discovery session. This session is focused on thoroughly understanding your brand identity, audience segments, messaging strategy, operational workflows, and key business goals around conversions. Our team ensures that we match our processes to your objectives.


Leveraging the insights uncovered from the discussion phase, our talented designers craft visually stunning WordPress experiences by weaving your brand identity and aesthetics into the UI/UX flows. This process allows us to engage each user segment effectively and guide them towards target actions.


Our expert WordPress developers then bring the complete vision to life with a robust technical architecture for speed, security, and scalability. We handle integration with any required databases, application programming interfaces (APIs), plugins, or custom functionality needed to drive personalized experiences.


We rigorously test across devices and assist with launch preparations to deliver a polished, complete solution engineered from the ground up specifically to continually captivate your users and optimize your key outcomes. Ongoing support ensures continuity for your new WordPress website.

Why Join Over 40% of Websites Using WordPress

With unmatched versatility, performance, security, scalability, and support, WordPress powers websites from personal blogs to enterprise solutions. From seamless content management to an endless ability to add new capabilities and functionality, WordPress offers the ideal foundation for engaging experiences that drive results, which is why it’s trusted by top brands worldwide.


WordPress offers unmatched functionality to build everything from simple informational websites to complex web applications. With its flexible framework, plugins, themes, and developer APIs, you can integrate powerful features such as membership portals, ecommerce stores, online courses, custom databases, and more tailored to your needs. This customization enables functionality tailored specifically to your requirements.

Tech - WordPress - Speed of Dev

Speed of Development

WordPress significantly accelerates development timelines compared to custom code thanks to its open-source PHP foundation and vast plugin ecosystem. With almost 60,000 plugins available for common features, our team rapidly delivers while enabling more nimble iterations for future enhancements. This facilitates faster return on investment (ROI).

Tech - WordPress - Scalability


Purpose-built for enterprise websites, WordPress smoothly scales to handle massive volumes of concurrent users and requests. Its optimized architecture ensures your website or web app can cost-effectively support traffic spikes and growth. Top global brands with millions of visitors already use WordPress to power their most business-critical sites.

Industries We Empower With Bespoke Solutions

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As an experienced WordPress web development company, we deliver solutions designed to captivate your audience and drive real business results. By combining intuitive custom design, integrated marketing, and powerful technical capabilities, our websites lead the industry in effectively engaging visitors and converting leads. Join over 40% of the top websites worldwide by selecting our tailored WordPress development services for your next custom website or application.

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Why should I choose Idea Maker as my WordPress development company?

Idea Maker is composed of a highly technical team. While you can use builders or hire web designers to make your WordPress website look good, we go beyond. We can build custom plugins, stunning themes, and code complex functions for your WordPress website. So if you want to go beyond looks, Idea Maker can develop it for you.

How long does it take to build a custom WordPress website?

We generally take one to two months to make a WordPress website. Most of the development time is spent with our clients to understand their needs, mocking up ideas and wireframes before building the website.

Can Idea Maker manage and redesign my existing website?

Yes, we have a lot of experience creating and migrating websites. So if you want to redesign your website while keeping all your SEO optimization, our experts can build the perfect solution for you.

Will the custom WordPress website developed be mobile friendly?

Yes, every website and web application made by Idea Maker is mobile and desktop friendly. We also optimize your website performance, ensuring it loads up quickly and increasing your SEO score.

What are the WordPress development services provided by Idea Maker?

We are experts on WordPress and can build anything your need for your website. We have developed several different websites, like e-learning, e-commerce using WooCommerce, and even SaaS products in WordPress.

Will you use a pre-made theme or a custom-made theme in my WordPress website?

We will make a custom theme for your website that fits your specifications. Pre-made themes are generally filled with bloatware, leading to slower page loads. We can optimize speed and avoid compatibility issues by coding a custom theme.

How much does it cost to build a custom WordPress website?

The prices vary based on the scope of your website and needed features. For example, simple websites are cheaper than e-commerce or e-learning websites. Contact us to discuss your needs so we can give you an accurate price for the scope of your project.

Will Idea Maker also provide the hosting needed for my website?

No. However, we’ll help you pick the best web hosting for your website. There are a lot of great web-hosting providers, and we can offer some recommendations to fit your needs.

Wil Idea Maker maintain my website after launching it?

Yes. We have a maintenance plan to cover your website. We provide support, bug fixes, and enhancements based on your needs.

How will I receive the progress report on my WordPress development project?

We’ll send your weekly updates about your website development in the form of either videos or screenshots. At some point during development, we’ll also send you a test website you can navigate and see if it fits your specifications.

How many team members will be allocated for my project?

The number of team members allocated to your project depends on its complexity. Generally, we have a project manager to coordinate the team, an UI/UX designer to make wireframes, a graphic artist to create mockups, and a developer to code your project.

Are custom themes and plug-ins provided by Idea Maker?

Yes. We have plenty of experience building themes and plugins. Our team has the knowledge and technical expertise to handle any project.

Who will write the content needed for my WordPress site?

We can provide you with some filler content for testing purposes, but the website’s content is the client’s responsibility.

Can you prepare the design layout before starting the actual design process?

Yes. We’ll present you with several mockups to help you visualize how your website will look when ready. Once you approve a mockup, then we’ll start coding your website.