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Idea Maker provides fully custom websites based on the world’s most popular development platform. All our sites are robust, reliable and refined.

Why Choose Idea Maker?

At Idea Maker, our development team has years of professional experience building high-quality websites with sleek designs. We can build you a WordPress based site that meets your exact requirements, from eCommerce to online portfolios.

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What Do You Get?

Custom CMS

Once development is complete, you shouldn’t have to rely on us to update your site every time you create a blog post or need a new product listed. That’s why we provide a Custom Management System (CMS) that enables you to modify your website without touching code.

Complex Functionality

Our WordPress sites are fully customizable. This means that complex features, such as customer service chatbots are integratable. As a result, we can build you a website that meets your requirements, no matter how complex.

CRM Integration

If you’re looking for an eCommerce website, you’ll need Customer Relationship Management software integration to keep track of sales. We can create a custom CRM system or integrate your favorite tool into your site, allowing you to streamline your sales and marketing process.

Database Integration

Your business is likely driven by data, some of which is vital for your website's operation. For example, if you're looking for an internal accountancy portal, you will need to integrate your on-premise data. That’s why we offer database integration, ensuring all your information is in sync.

Graphic Design

At Idea Maker, we’re not just a team of experienced developers, we also boast several expert graphic designers. So, if you need a logo for your website, we can provide you with several sleek designs.

Original Copy

Creating written content for your website is time-consuming, especially when you’re focused on running your business. As a result, we offer original written content with all our website developments created by our team of expert copywriters.

Search Engine Optimized

We offer SEO marketing services to ensure your website gains maximum online visibility. All our sites come with basic SEO considerations, but we also provide fully-comprehensive digital marketing options if required.

Sleek Design

Thanks to our exceptional design team, our custom website’s come with sleek styling. What’s more, all our sites are designed with user experience in mind. This means our custom WordPress sites have a smooth user interface, leading to an excellent user experience.

Third-Party Integration

Many custom sites rely on third-party APIs to function correctly. For example, an API is required if an eCommerce site wants to take PayPal payments. At Idea Maker, our custom WordPress websites come fully integrated with whichever WordPress plugin or third-party API you need.

Our Development Process

Discuss Requirements

We first begin with an in-depth discussion about the requirements of your project, aiming to gain a deep understanding of your needs. This allows us to build a clear plan of action and development strategy. This is also a good chance to field any questions or concerns you may have about development.

Wireframe and Prototype

After understanding your website's requirements, we then create a wireframe. This is a brief outline of your site to represent its final functionality. It helps our development team understand how the site should function and ensure your specifications are denoted.

Flesh Out Design

Once we have a clear prototype of your website, our design team then fleshes out the skeleton with sleek stylings. At this stage, we usually like to create multiple stylings for you to choose from, bringing your site as close to your vision as possible.

Program Website

If you’re happy with the designs our team creates, we then move on to the programming stage. This is where the core development takes place. The earlier functionality determined during wireframing is combined with your chosen design, and the site is complete.


Once the previous four steps are completed, and your website has been tested, it is ready for deployment. At this stage, we deploy the site onto a live hosting server, usually owned by you, and make it available to web users.


At Idea Maker, we believe that post-release support is a crucial part of any web development. That’s why we offer support options with all our custom development projects, keeping your site well-maintained.

Why Use WordPress for Your Business Website?

WordPress is an excellent choice for website development. Here are a few reasons why.


Considering that WordPress powers over 41 percent of live websites, it should be no surprise that the platform has vast functionality. Not only does WordPress come packed full of features, such as the drag-and-drop Gutenberg Editor, it also includes a plugin library with over 55,000 add-ons.
Tech - WordPress - Speed of Dev

Speed of Development

Thanks to its extensive catalog of available plugins designed to ease development along, building a website with WordPress is a swift process. Using WordPress is an excellent choice for smooth and seamless development, especially when working to a deadline. What’s more, it comes with all the functionality of a website created from scratch.

Tech - WordPress - Scalability


As a result of WordPress’ comprehensive customization options and extensive functionality, WordPress websites are scalable. This means that as your business grows, so can the capacity of your website. For example, as more users pass on their details through your site, you can increase database storage using third-party services.

Different Industries We Serve

Since our founding in 2016, at Idea Maker, we have built a strong portfolio of work in various industries. Here are just a few industires we have served.

Wordpress- Finances


We have worked on several projects within the finance and fintech industries, delivering solid and secure results to our clients. We achieved this thanks to our team of expert developers with extensive knowledge of database security and payment processing integration.


Healthcare is a rapidly expanding industry in terms of technology and digitized service options. At Idea Maker, we recently helped an online therapy practice move its services online with digital patient consultations and booking options.

Wordpress- Small Business

Small Business

At Idea Maker, we have worked with many small businesses, from construction companies to family law firms. Throughout each project, we have delivered outstanding results that satisfied our clients’ needs.

Corporate Enterprise

Enterprise-level development has quickly become a forte of Idea Maker. We have developed several complex development projects for corporate clients with high functionality, smooth design, and scalability.

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Why should I choose Idea Maker as my WordPress development company?

Idea Maker is composed of a highly technical team. While you can use builders or hire web designers to make your WordPress website look good, we go beyond. We can build custom plugins, stunning themes, and code complex functions for your WordPress website. So if you want to go beyond looks, Idea Maker can develop it for you.

How long does it take to build a custom WordPress website?

We generally take one to two months to make a WordPress website. Most of the development time is spent with our clients to understand their needs, mocking up ideas and wireframes before building the website.

Can Idea Maker manage and redesign my existing website?

Yes, we have a lot of experience creating and migrating websites. So if you want to redesign your website while keeping all your SEO optimization, our experts can build the perfect solution for you.

Will the custom WordPress website developed be mobile friendly?

Yes, every website and web application made by Idea Maker is mobile and desktop friendly. We also optimize your website performance, ensuring it loads up quickly and increasing your SEO score.

What are the WordPress development services provided by Idea Maker?

We are experts on WordPress and can build anything your need for your website. We have developed several different websites, like e-learning, e-commerce using WooCommerce, and even SaaS products in WordPress.

Will you use a pre-made theme or a custom-made theme in my WordPress website?

We will make a custom theme for your website that fits your specifications. Pre-made themes are generally filled with bloatware, leading to slower page loads. We can optimize speed and avoid compatibility issues by coding a custom theme.

How much does it cost to build a custom WordPress website?

The prices vary based on the scope of your website and needed features. For example, simple websites are cheaper than e-commerce or e-learning websites. Contact us to discuss your needs so we can give you an accurate price for the scope of your project.

Will Idea Maker also provide the hosting needed for my website?

No. However, we’ll help you pick the best web hosting for your website. There are a lot of great web-hosting providers, and we can offer some recommendations to fit your needs.

Wil Idea Maker maintain my website after launching it?

Yes. We have a maintenance plan to cover your website. We provide support, bug fixes, and enhancements based on your needs.

How will I receive the progress report on my WordPress development project?

We’ll send your weekly updates about your website development in the form of either videos or screenshots. At some point during development, we’ll also send you a test website you can navigate and see if it fits your specifications.

How many team members will be allocated for my project?

The number of team members allocated to your project depends on its complexity. Generally, we have a project manager to coordinate the team, an UI/UX designer to make wireframes, a graphic artist to create mockups, and a developer to code your project.

Are custom themes and plug-ins provided by Idea Maker?

Yes. We have plenty of experience building themes and plugins. Our team has the knowledge and technical expertise to handle any project.

Who will write the content needed for my WordPress site?

We can provide you with some filler content for testing purposes, but the website’s content is the client’s responsibility.

Can you prepare the design layout before starting the actual design process?

Yes. We’ll present you with several mockups to help you visualize how your website will look when ready. Once you approve a mockup, then we’ll start coding your website.