Custom WordPress Website Development Services

We build custom solutions for all your web needs. Integrating apis, ecommerce, custom dashboards.

In house Developers

We do all our own work. You can rest assured we have taken care to provide excellent code quality.

Made In the USA

We are located in Orange County, California. We'll understand your product and business better than any offshore developer.


We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help keep costs and development times in line with your business goals.

Looking for a website that does more than look good?

Idea Maker is an Orange County web development agency that focuses on helping you create websites that are eye-catching and functional. We can build in ecommerce, custom intake forms, integrate with apis and more.

We begin the web development process by interviewing you to better understand not only your business’ needs and wants but your customers as well. Once we understand what both you and your clients need and want, we create mockups for your approval.

We also focus on telling your story to help you better connect with customers. With a consistent and engaging message, you’ll make the sales you need to make your business a success.


We can help you to set up your e-commerce website. We do payment processing, including Stripe and PayPal, shopping carts, subscriptions, revenue share, and more.


Learning Management Systems (LMS) are our speciality. Get all the features you need like quizzes, grading, discussions, video and more. Learn more about our Custom eLearning Solutions

Cloud Servers

We’re experienced at using cloud servers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, and Linode. Our team of DevOps can handle your servers for you.

Streaming Video

Want to include streaming video on your site? Idea Maker can install streaming videos from a number of platforms including AWS, Dacast, and more.

CRM Integration

Tired of all the frustration when dealing with your customer relationship management technology, like SalesForce? Idea Maker can help to automate your data flow and processing for increased usefulness.


Your business has unique needs and your software should be customized to match. We can build you custom dashboards to streamline your processes.

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    Why should I choose Idea Maker as my WordPress development company?

    Idea Maker is composed of a highly technical team. While you can use builders or hire web designers to make your WordPress website look good, we go beyond. We can build custom plugins, stunning themes, and code complex functions for your WordPress website. So if you want to go beyond looks, Idea Maker can develop it for you.

    How long does it take to build a custom WordPress website?

    We generally take one to two months to make a WordPress website. Most of the development time is spent with our clients to understand their needs, mocking up ideas and wireframes before building the website.

    Can Idea Maker manage and redesign my existing website?

    Yes, we have a lot of experience creating and migrating websites. So if you want to redesign your website while keeping all your SEO optimization, our experts can build the perfect solution for you.

    Will the custom WordPress website developed be mobile friendly?

    Yes, every website and web application made by Idea Maker is mobile and desktop friendly. We also optimize your website performance, ensuring it loads up quickly and increasing your SEO score.

    What are the WordPress development services provided by Idea Maker?

    We are experts on WordPress and can build anything your need for your website. We have developed several different websites, like e-learning, e-commerce using WooCommerce, and even SaaS products in WordPress.

    Will you use a pre-made theme or a custom-made theme in my WordPress website?

    We will make a custom theme for your website that fits your specifications. Pre-made themes are generally filled with bloatware, leading to slower page loads. We can optimize speed and avoid compatibility issues by coding a custom theme.

    How much does it cost to build a custom WordPress website?

    The prices vary based on the scope of your website and needed features. For example, simple websites are cheaper than e-commerce or e-learning websites. Contact us to discuss your needs so we can give you an accurate price for the scope of your project.

    Will Idea Maker also provide the hosting needed for my website?

    No. However, we’ll help you pick the best web hosting for your website. There are a lot of great web-hosting providers, and we can offer some recommendations to fit your needs.

    Wil Idea Maker maintain my website after launching it?

    Yes. We have a maintenance plan to cover your website. We provide support, bug fixes, and enhancements based on your needs.

    How will I receive the progress report on my WordPress development project?

    We’ll send your weekly updates about your website development in the form of either videos or screenshots. At some point during development, we’ll also send you a test website you can navigate and see if it fits your specifications.

    How many team members will be allocated for my project?

    The number of team members allocated to your project depends on its complexity. Generally, we have a project manager to coordinate the team, an UI/UX designer to make wireframes, a graphic artist to create mockups, and a developer to code your project.

    Are custom themes and plug-ins provided by Idea Maker?

    Yes. We have plenty of experience building themes and plugins. Our team has the knowledge and technical expertise to handle any project.

    Who will write the content needed for my WordPress site?

    We can provide you with some filler content for testing purposes, but the website’s content is the client’s responsibility.

    Can you prepare the design layout before starting the actual design process?

    Yes. We’ll present you with several mockups to help you visualize how your website will look when ready. Once you approve a mockup, then we’ll start coding your website.