Software Project Rescue: Restoring Order From Development Chaos

Get your project back on track with our software project rescue services.

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Clearly Defined Development Procedure

The Development Disaster Zone

If your project has been abandoned by its development team or delivered with a plethora of bugs without support, you’ve entered the development disaster zone. At this point, you’re probably wondering whether it was worth the investment at all. But the truth is, if you stop now, you’ve wasted your money. Fortunately, with the help of the experts at Idea Maker, your project can be brought back from the brink of chaos and carried to completion.

Your Project's Rapid Response Team

With over 60 projects successfully delivered to our satisfied clients, Idea Maker is your dedicated rapid response team that you can trust. We offer full-service software recovery services, from code refactoring to post-release support options, bringing your project back to life swiftly and efficiently. When working with our expert team, you’ll never have to worry about an abandoned project again.

Experienced Team

Types of Projects We Save

Whether restoring broken functionality, implementing new features, or rebuilding frameworks, our team has experience across many industries. This vast development expertise ultimately enables us to expertly rescue your software while working to your timeline and budget. In other words, with Idea Maker, you recover your investment and receive fully functional software.

Enterprise Applications

From accounting software to marketing suites, our team restores and rescues all essential types of enterprise applications. We review the health of your enterprise application and restructure its code at a foundational level, facilitating an effective and efficient redevelopment. The end result is a high-quality application that allows your business to operate with the full benefits of an optimized workflow.

Wordpress- Small Business

Business Websites

Your website is your digital business card–a central hub for customers to find all the information they need about your company. As a result, in order to attract and maintain customers, your website needs to be in tip-top shape. Fortunately, we offer website recovery services aimed at ensuring your site delivers peak performance. From static portfolio websites to more complex SaaS platforms, our team has you covered.

Industry-Specific Software

Our experts work with specialist software, delivering project rescue services across a number of industries. Whether your aviation marketplace has crashed due to a software error or your trampoline ticketing site has a high bounce rate, we have the experience and skills needed to get your project back on track. With access to industry-standard development tools and specialist knowledge, our team can handle any project you throw at us.

How We Restore Your Software

When it comes to software project restoration, we follow a rigorous framework that facilitates high-quality development while ensuring all recovery bases are covered. From assessing the project’s damages to disastering-proofing, our effective process is uniquely designed to instill trust and transparency.

Damage Assessment

We begin your software project rescue with an in-depth damage assessment. At this stage, we identify all the areas of your software that are broken, do not work as intended, or are negatively impacting other functionality. We’re then able to better determine the project scope and develop an accurate delivery timeline.


Securing the Perimeter

Once we thoroughly understand the scope of the damage, we further review the code and begin making basic changes to ensure stability during development. By solidifying your software’s framework, we’re able to make updates with confidence and without threat of additional breakages. This may include code refactoring, feature removal, and setting up a cloud development environment.


Reconstruction Roadmap

Once your software is secured for development, we then put together a reconstruction roadmap that outlines our exact plans. From feature additions to deployment methodology, our reconstruction roadmap helps to guide your project to a successful completion. This roadmap also gives you an opportunity to understand the essential changes we wish to make.


Rebuilding Resilience

After creating a detailed reconstruction roadmap, it’s time to redevelop your software with a robust and long-lasting codebase. For this, we implement our recommendations with a focus on longevity and bug removal, delivering effective and fully functional software to your business. By rebuilding with software resilience, you get an application that effectively optimizes workflows.



Finally, we disaster-proof your software, helping you feel confident in using your application. Our long-term post-release support options keep your software well-maintained and running smoothly without the need for continuous and burdensome bug fixes.

Don't Let Your Project Get Lost Among the Wreckage

When you leave a broken project to collect dust, you lose your investment. That’s time and money that could have been better spent elsewhere. However, if you rescue your project and put it to work, you unlock the ability to optimize and automate workflows. By salvaging your software, you recoup your investment and drive productivity.

Why Choose Us for Your Software Project Rescue?

At Idea Maker, our team has nearly a decade of experience in developing and delivering high-quality software to our satisfied clients. From complex enterprise applications to simple portfolio websites, we have the skills required to restore all types of projects. We also have a proven track record of success, with an average rating of five stars on and Google. When working with us, you can rest assured that you’re investing in excellence.

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