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Enjoy the widespread integration abilities with Python development from Idea Maker.

Advantages of Using Python for Development

Established History

Python has been around since 1991 and is a well-established language that plays well with other programming languages. Being around so long also ensures there's plenty of support for it, and there are lots of professionals familiar with it.

Vast Libraries

Python has a vast amount of ready-to-use libraries for developers, significantly streamlining development and saving on development costs. These libraries can help with UI, Machine Learning, Data Manipulation, and more.

Fast for Development

Python code is easy to read, making working with other developers and integrating it with other languages straightforward. And the simplicity of Python's syntax allows developers to build solutions with its easy-to-write code and similarities to writing in English.

Adopted by Large Companies

Python's simplicity, efficiency, and easy integration with other languages made it popular with large companies like Spotify, Instagram, Mozilla, Uber, and Netflix. These companies use the language and its libraries to deliver exceptional products in record time.

Well Supported

Python is a well-supported language for web development. For instance, frameworks like Flask, Falcon, and Django are Python-based and give developers several tools to speed up development.

Large Community

Being in the market for 30 years earned Python a huge and loyal community of experienced and dedicated developers. The community is always willing to help newcomers and point them to the right resources like videos, blogs, and tutorials to solve just about any coding problem.

Usage in Machine Learning

Python is one of the top languages for machine learning due to its ML packages, libraries, and visualization tools. Its libraries like TensorFlow, Keras, and NLTK, help developers with deep learning and data analysis issues, making the process fast and efficient.

Prototypes Made Easy

Python is the go-to language when prototyping. It's fast to write and has simple syntaxes. Iterating features or smaller pieces of code in Python is quick, and the libraries available make this process even faster.

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Why should I use Python for my project?

Python is a flexible and powerful language popular around the world. The language is well-tested, boasts a large community, and has several tutorials and machine learning libraries to aid development. Additionally, it has superior capabilities for web development and machine learning compared to other languages.

What Python frameworks do you use for software development?

We use Django and Flask for software development. We specialize in Django and use it in about 90% of our projects as we consider it the better development framework.

Does Idea Maker also work on AI and ML based projects?

Yes, we can implement machine learning and artificial intelligence on our projects. For instance, we’ve built data processing systems using machine learning in the past.

How much does it cost to build an app using Python?

We use Python for back-end server-side coding. Apps in Python start at $20,000, and the costs of your application increase based on much back-end work are needed and which features are required.

Why should I choose Idea Maker for Python development?

Idea Maker has vast experience developing several projects and expertise in several industry-leading technologies. We are experts in web development, cloud management, and mobile development, so we can offer expertise in anything your project may need.

Does Idea Maker uses React for front-end along with Python?

We have used React alongside Python before, but today we use Vue as our working technology.

Can I hire Python developers from Idea Maker for my project?

Idea Maker specializes in Django, a Python framework. So we can offer you several experienced Python developers to work on your project.

What are some Python project handled by Idea Maker recently?

Most projects on our portfolio page have a Python back-end since we specialize in Django, a Python framework.

How long does it take to complete a Python application?

It depends on your app needs. Extra features like APIs, payment systems, machine learning, and integrations add to the development time. Moderately sized apps generally take a minimum of three months to prototype, develop, test, and release.

How much do you charge for Python application development?

Costs depend on the scope of your project and the required features. We recommend contacting us directly, so we can sit down and discuss your project needs. Once we have all the information, we can provide you with a written proposal with a detailed breakdown of services and costs.

What is the best way to communicate with Idea Maker?

The best way to talk with us and transform your idea into a tangible project is to speak to us on the phone. You can also contact us by email or contact form to set up a video conference where we can get all details about your business and needs.

Will Idea Maker provide further maintenance and support after project completion?

Yes, we believe that quality post-development support is an integral part of the service we provide. We want to grow together by providing bug fixes, maintenance, and enhancements after your project launches.

Who owns the legal rights to the Python application developed by Idea Maker?

The client owns all the rights to the app and codebase developed by Idea Maker.