Project Recovery: Breathe New Life Into Your Software Development

Revive your investment in software with our expert recovery services. We pick up where others left off, bringing your software vision to fruition.

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What Do You Need Help With?

We offer three main service lines that help you recover your investment and get your project on track. Whether you’re building enterprise-level applications to optimize your workflows or simple portfolio websites, our team is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to keep your project alive.

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Software Project Rescue

Has your project been abandoned or left broken without support? Our software project rescue service has you covered. We’re dedicated to high-quality development and long-term support, so you’re never left worrying about the health of your project.

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Code Refactoring

When your software runs sluggishly or fails to provide efficient results, it’s likely due to poorly structured code. Our code refactoring services analyze and enhance your application’s codebase to ensure maximum performance.

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Technical Debt Management

When apprehensive about project completion, sometimes corners are cut, leading to technical debt. Our technical debt management services determine problem areas and offer effective solutions for reallocating resources.

Why Choose Us for Your Software Project Takeover?

After enduring your project’s setback, you need a team you can rely on to recover your software and bring it to completion. At Idea Maker, not only are we dedicated to providing clients with exceptional service and outstanding quality, we also have a proven track record of success. With our experts, your revived project will exceed your expectations and elevate your business to new heights.

Expertise and Experience

With over 60 projects successfully delivered, an average of five stars on and Google, and post-release support offered on each development, our team is one you can trust. We have extensive experience working with businesses in a variety of industries, from enterprise to aviation, developing custom solutions aimed at enhancing operations. Our expertise also stretches across all standard development frameworks and essential development tools.

Customized Solutions

No matter what state your software is in, our team can build your business a bespoke solution tailored to your exact needs. We are committed to working closely with you throughout the development process, ensuring we have a solid understanding of your project’s requirements, as well as your business goals and primary challenges. This way, we can design and develop a fully customized software solution based on the functionality you require.


Proven Methodologies

We have a proven track record of delivering quality software, thanks to our refined development process that we’ve honed for almost a decade. With proven methodologies, you can rest assured that your software will be built following a framework design for success. Our methodologies ultimately ensure that no project gets left behind.

CPR: Our Project Recovery Process

Resuscitate your software and enhance existing features with our advanced project recovery services. We put your broken software back together and optimize it with the feature additions your business needs.

CPR: Our Project Recovery Process

For nearly a decade we’ve refined our development process, allowing us to consistently deliver high-quality software. Our project recovery process is no different. After salvaging a plethora of broken projects, our team created this simple yet effective recovery process that we like to call CPR.


Code Review

We initiate each project recovery process with a thorough code review wherein we identify problem areas and inefficiencies. For this, we review everything, from code structure to feature integrations and your software’s framework. If you have some working functionality, we also run it through our rigorous QA process to identify areas of potential faults.


Project Roadmap and Strategy

Once we’ve got to grips with your project foundations, we then create a project roadmap and strategy. This outlines problem areas and how we plan to fix them, as well as what enhancements we will make to your software. At this stage, we work closely with you to understand your expectations and requirements, ensuring a transparent and collaborative partnership.


Redesign and Develop

If you’re happy with our suggested updates and proposed fixes, we then get to work redeveloping your software. Here, we make certain that your software functions as intended without any nasty hidden bugs. If required, we also provide redesign services.

Continuous Support & Maintenance

Once we’ve rebuilt your software and smoothed out all inefficiencies, we offer post-release support packages to keep your application running smoothly and effectively throughout its life cycle. We’re always here to help improve your software and answer your questions, as your success is our top priority. In other words, with Idea Maker, your software and business are in safe hands.

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