Custom Database Development Services

Custom database development services, helping you take control of your data.

Take Control of Your Data


Middleware is like the glue of database system integration. It enables us to smoothly connect server and client-side software with database technology, giving your business comprehensive control of its information.

API Integration

Your business may store data across various servers and software. At Idea Maker, we can integrate your database's API into your website or application, homogenizing your company's vital information.

Data Pipeline

If you have a large amount of data stored across several IoT devices, organizing and monitoring that data is challenging. We can create data pipelines that direct your information to one central hub, making it easy to manage.

API creation

We can create the APIs required for broader implementation if you have a primitive database system unfit for complex web and software integration. This means you can use your database across your business systems. Alternatively, we can create a bespoke database for your company.


Machine Learning

Often the easiest way to process your business's data is through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Subsequently, at Idea Maker, we're able to develop an automated database system that processes your information without human input.

Data Visualization

Visualizing your data is an excellent way to help your team understand its meaning. As a result, we use intelligent tools such as Power Bi to transform your data into clear and concise graphics.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Database Development

Data is the backbone of all modern companies–it drives sales, computer systems, and general business operations. If it is not processed and organized correctly, you risk putting customer information at risk and falling into disrepute. As a result, your business must have a custom database built to store and collate your data securely.

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How do I track my database project development progress?

We’ll provide weekly reports about advancements and updates on the project. If we require more information or feedback, we’ll reach out by email or set up video or phone calls.

Can I get changes done to the code after the database solution is launched?

Yes, we make our code extensible. Meaning modifications or extra features are possible after the solution is live.

What is database design and development?

Database and design development is a process where we sit down with you to understand what kind of data your database needs to store. Once we understand your needs, we’ll provide you with a web interface where you can input, fetch, view data, and more.

Why is it worth investing in database development?

Database development is crucial for your company’s daily operation. With it, we can make information accessible, generate data reports, process information, create actions, and automate many processes, leading to greater efficiency.

Why do I need to outsource database development services?

Hiring and maintaining all the experts needed for database development in your payroll can get costly. Working with Idea Maker is generally cheaper since our business model ensures you only pay when you need us. We provide experts in every field, including DevOps, UI/UX Design, back/front end development, and more.

Why should I hire Idea Maker instead of some freelancers on Upwork or Toptal?

You can find Idea Maker at Upwork, where we hold a 5 star, 100% job satisfaction score. You can also check our testimonial page, where many past and current clients talk about our quality work. Please check our portfolio page for details on our past work if you need additional information.

Can I manage the database software on my own after product deployment?

Yes, if your professionals are familiar with databases, you can manage your project. We also offer an affordable optional maintenance plan for clients that don’t want to self-manage.

Where can I read testimonials and reviews from your previous clients on database development?

You can check the testimonials page on our website. Reviews are powered and verified for legitimacy by Clutch. You can also find several reviews about us on Google Reviews and our Upwork profile page.

How do you estimate the budget needed for database software development?

We have a proven system to decide costs. The general idea is to sit down with our client, draft a road map, note down desired features, and estimate the time and resources requirements. Then, we use that information and our experience to create an accurate development budget.

What technology stack do you use for custom database solutions?

Our specialty is Django, a Python framework. For databases, we use PostgreSQL. For front-end, Vue.JS. And for mobile development, we prefer React Native. All of which run on Linux systems.

What recent projects you have done involving database solutions?

We have several projects. Smart is a middleware that fetches data using a third-party service, is stored, and sent to a reporting system made in Power BI. For Aquaya, we’ve created an interface where they can search and sort through a vast database. And Lastly, Lincoln, an automatic excel processing system that sends the data into the database for analysis using business intelligence software such as Power BI.