Technical Debt Management: Don't Let Runaway Technical Debt Bankrupt Your Application

Reallocate resources where they’re needed most after an expedited development with our technical debt management services.

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Your Technical Debt Advisors

When your project faces a deficit of resources, you need a technical debt management team capable of fixing its problem areas. At Idea Maker, our experts have extensive experience building and maintaining applications for businesses across industries. We also have a track record of success, with an average rating of five stars on Google and When working with us, you get a team you can trust.

Types of Technical Debt We Manage

With expertise in all areas of development, from architecture to design, our team has the skills needed to manage and maintain several types of projects. In other words, your software is poised for growth when put in our steady hands.

Architecture Debt

By thoroughly analyzing your system’s core architecture and framework, our experts identify weak areas in need of additional care. We then update your system accordingly, ensuring your software architecture is secure, stable, and ready for long-term use.

Build Debt

Your project may be delayed due to the incorrect use of development tools, resulting in frustration and reduced productivity. Fortunately, we can help get your project back on track by team reviewing your development processes to identify problem areas and recommend solutions.

Code Debt

Poor quality code leads to inefficient and ineffective software prone to bugs. That’s why, at Idea Maker, our experts meticulously review your code for issues, such as illogical workflows or diffuse code, and provide high-quality code refactoring.


Defect Debt

Skipping out on minor bug fixes to save development time is common, but it leaves you with an incomplete application. We tackle any defects head-on, running your software through a rigorous quality assurance process to identify outstanding bugs. Our developers then work to effectively remedy these issues.

Design Debt

Ensuring your software follows proper usability principles indicative of an exceptional user experience is imperative. Our team examines your website for usability and brand cohesion, offering recommendations on improving your site.

How We Maintain Project Wealth

In order to manage your technical debt effectively, we follow our streamlined wealth maintenance process aimed at prioritizing critical issues and future-proofing your solution. Over the years, we’ve refined this process to ensure that we deliver quality with every project.

Debt Assessment

When managing technical debt, we start with a thorough assessment of your software. During this review, we identify any issues and areas in need of improvement. This gives a clear understanding of the scope of work and resources required to effectively remedy your technical debt.


Debt Prioritization

Once we’ve identified your software’s technical debt, we set about prioritizing its issues, determining which are most crucial to the project’s success. By doing this, we’re able to create a logical workflow in the next stage.


Repayment Roadmap

After debt prioritization comes the creation of a repayment roadmap wherein we outline exactly how we plan to manage your technical debt. This roadmap will offer logical, step-by-step recommendations and their expected outcomes, highlighting our commitment to transparency throughout the development process.


Managing Future Debt

Once we implement our suggestions outlined in the repayment roadmap, we work hard to future-proof your application. After all, there’s no use fixing your software if it’s just going to break again. We also provide you with thorough documentation on handling future debt and offer post-release support options to ensure your solution remains well maintained throughout its life cycle.

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