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Android App Development Services From Idea Maker

At Idea Maker, we provide several types of Android development services aimed at ensuring your mobile app can reach its full potential.

Android UI/UX Mobile App Design

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design is at the center of your Android mobile application and can ultimately make or break its success. As a result, it’s crucial that your Android app has high-quality UI/UX design that provides a smooth experience for users in terms of both design and functionality. At Idea Maker, we have a team of expert UI/UX designers dedicated to creating engaging designs.

Native Android App Development

Native Android app development allows you to take advantage of the features built into the Android OS and devices, such as near field communication (NFC) and haptic-touch capabilities. With our native Android app development services, your app can take full advantage of the hardware and OS it runs on, offering users a smooth and cohesive experience.

Custom Android App Development

Our custom Android app development service provides you and your Android mobile app with the extensive and requirement-specific functionality you need. For this, we work closely with you to understand your requirements and then diligently build an ingenuitive software solution that will exceed your expectations.

Multi-Platform Deployment

Once your Android mobile app is developed, we can deploy it across multiple Android-enabled platforms, from watches to TVs. This will, of course, require some additional coding, but it’s an excellent way for your application to reach more Android users and provide a cross-device experience.

Android Apps for Different Devices

What Android devices can Idea Maker develop Android apps for?

  • Android Mobile App Development: We offer Android mobile app development services that combine the power of native app development with the flexibility of custom app development.
  • Android TV App Development: Depending on the nature of your Android app, you might consider making it available on Android TVs. This is especially useful if you’re developing a media-based Android application.
  • Android Tablet App Development: Developing an Android app with tablet devices in mind utilizes the exact same process as mobile app development. Android apps made with Idea Maker are always made to be available on both mobile and tablet devices.
  • Android Wearables App Development: Making your Android app available on Android wearable devices like smartwatches is a great way to extend the functionality of your app and offer users a more holistic experience.

Mobile Applications We Develop for Different Industries

At Idea Maker, our team of experts has experience in numerous industries. These include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Banking: Banking Android apps offer users a convenient way to manage their finances and bank accounts.
  • Investment: Investment Android apps allow traders of all levels to buy and sell stock options. With the help of AI and machine learning, many investment apps enable traders to make better informed decisions.
  • Fintech: Fintech encompasses all Android apps that relate to finance and money. At Idea Maker, we take extra security measures when building fintech Android apps to ensure sensitive information is kept safe.
  • Professional Services: Professional services include all types of business functionality, from scheduling to task management. We can build Android apps to help your business run as optimally as possible.
  • eLearning: Want to build an Android app to help users learn on-the-go? At Idea Maker, we have plenty of experience developing robust and effective eLearning platforms for a variety of businesses.

Our Android App Development Process

Over the years, we have refined our Android app development process to ensure smooth development and successful deployment.

1. Discuss Your Project

As with any project, we first begin by discussing your business and Android app development requirements. It’s vital that we understand as much about your project as possible at this stage so that fewer changes are needed later down the road. This will help your business save money on extra costs and also keep development within our agreed upon timeframe.

2. Design App

After understanding your Android app requirements, we then design your app while considering proper UI/UX principles to ensure an outstanding user experience. In many instances, we will first provide you with a barebones wireframe of the app so you can get an idea of its functionality and approve it or make amendments. We then flesh the wireframe out with a visually pleasing and appropriate design.

3. Develop Your Android App

Once we’ve settled upon a design and your functionality requirements, our team then works hard to develop your Android app. This is generally the longest part of the development process and includes several additional steps, such as quality assurance and user testing. Before moving onto the next stage, we send you a copy of your app for your approval.

4. Deliver to App Stores

Finally, we deliver your Android app to the Google Play store and, depending on your needs, any other Android-based platforms. Once delivered, our team will continue to closely monitor your app for bugs, swiftly resolving them as they arise.

Having a clearly outlined app development process such as this, is a hallmark of an experienced android app development company. Still not convinced? Check out this guide to hiring an expert mobile app development company to see if we fit the bill.

Why Hire Idea Maker as Your Android App Development Company?

At Idea Maker, we wrote the guide on how to create an app and make money, meaning we know exactly what it takes to develop successful applications. By working with us, you get access to a stellar team of experienced developers who are dedicated to building robust Android mobile apps.

Additionally, as a full-cycle mobile app development agency, we always strive to provide you with several essential services, as well as exceptional Android software. This includes:

●   Intelligent third-party integration
●   Graphic design and illustration
●   Social media marketing
●   Search engine optimization
●  Cross-platform app development

To take advantage of our extensive range of services and create a high-quality Android app, schedule a free consultation with us today.

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Why might my company need Android application services?

Android has a huge installed user base, with over 70% of mobile devices worldwide. So if your company needs an app, it’s a great idea to release it on Android to reach a broader audience.

Which approach does Idea Maker follow for Android web app development?

We’ll sit down with you and draft app specifications and goals. Then, we create a wireframe, a mockup, apply changes based on feedback, and then start coding. Make sure to visit our development process page for more details.

Why should I choose Idea Maker for my Android application development project?

Idea Maker wants to grow with you, not just sell our product. So if you need support or maintenance after we hand over Android development, you can count on us for all your development and bug fixing needs.

Can I hire Android app developers from Idea Maker?

Yes. We have a team of Android development experts ready to join your project and offer their expertise and insight.

What is the best way to communicate with Idea Maker?

You can directly contact us by email, contact form, or phone call. However, we recommend contacting through phone calls. That way, you can quickly communicate and discuss your idea with us so we can start your project as soon as possible.

Who owns the legal rights to the Android app developed by Idea Maker?

The client owns all the rights to the app and codebase developed by Idea Maker.

What security measures are followed to secure my app idea?

Every member of our team is legally bound by a non-disclosure agreement to Idea Maker, ensuring the safety of your idea. Additionally, we keep track and control all the information about your project and never share any documents about it outside of the company.

Will Idea Maker support maintenance after my app goes live in the app store?

Yes. We want to grow with you, so we’ll gladly provide all the support you need after launching your app. We’ll deliver all the services your app needs after it goes live, including maintenance, enhancement development, and bug fixes.

I have an idea for an Android app. How do I start?

You can contact us by email, contact form, or phone call. Then we’ll sit down, draft project specifications, build mockups and wireframes to help us understand your project and its scope. Be sure to check our development process page for more details.

Does Idea Maker build apps for both Android and iOS?

Yes, we develop apps for both Android and iOS. Additionally, we can use cross-platform development to cut development costs for you.

How do you maintain my Android app and data security?

We employ the latest security methods during app development, like SSL certificates and encryption. Regarding the security of your idea, all employees at Idea Maker are bound by non-disclosure agreements to protect your intellectual property.

How long will it take to build and launch my Android app?

It depends on the app scope, included features, and extras. However, it generally takes us four to six months to deliver an app, from inception to the finished product.