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Proven Development Techniques

At Idea Maker, we use several proven development techniques and methodologies to ensure a refined and effective development process. This starts with agile development, which is broken down into five key elements.

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This industry standard methodology followed by our expert developers gives a rigid process to lean on while organizing enterprise-level projects.




React Native

React Native






The above icons showcase just a small handful of the technologies used by Idea Maker. Our technological capabilities are geared towards enterprise-level applications and website developments, perfect for small to large projects. Moreover, these technologies are easily upgradable, meaning we can expand functionality where required.

The Four Pillars of Development

Since 2016 we’ve been honing our development process as a team, growing and strengthening along the way. Now, we’re able to offer clients exceptional products based on a refined, tried and tested process, founded on our four pillars of development.


First, we begin by discussing your project requirements in detail, as well as explaining our development process. This allows us to understand what your business needs and for you to field any questions you may have.

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Next, our team of designers, who together have designed hundreds of projects throughout their careers, create mockups of your project for your approval. For a basic website design, we may simply use a convenient text-based wireframe. However, on more complex projects, we create a full-scale prototype with a visual design, making the following steps more efficient.


Then our developers, who cumulatively spend thousands of hours each month programming, set to work coding your project using the most suitable frameworks. We have specialists in all areas of development, from SaaS to mobile applications, meaning you can rest assured that your development will be high-quality and to your specifications.

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Finally, we deploy the development to your personal servers, handing over control. If required, we will also create a Custom Management System (CMS) to allow you to modify your application or website without requiring our assistance. However, we offer post-release support packages to ensure your project is well maintained.

Post-Release Support Options

At Idea Maker, we believe that post-release support is a crucial part of any development project. As a result, we offer robust maintenance options to ensure your project continuously functions smoothly. To prove our commitment to providing exceptional post-release support, our team works to respond and resolve queries swiftly. We work closely with our clients to identify bugs and find the most appropriate and practical solutions.

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A Process You Can Trust

Our development process is tried and tested and has helped us successfully build over 40 projects for our highly satisfied clients. Why not see for yourself what Idea Maker can do for your business? Schedule a free consultation with us today to get started.

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