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Create effective manufacturing software that enhances your business operations and streamlines processes.
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What Idea Maker Offers in Manufacturing Software Development Services

At Idea Maker, we offer several types of manufacturing software aimed at elevating your business.

Error Reporting

Effective error reporting is an essential part of maintaining your manufacturing business, as it allows you to swiftly identify and rectify issues as they arise. With error reporting software from Idea Maker, you can get real-time reporting and error potential predictions, helping you to improve your production line and catch errors before they ever happen.

Project Progress Reporting

If you run a project-based manufacturing company, for example, that produces certain items made-to-order instead of mass production, project progress reporting is another crucial requirement for your business. This software will ultimately allow you to effectively keep track of orders and ensure they can be delivered on time and to a high standard.

Project Management Tools

In addition to helping your business track its production progress, we also offer project management tools that enable you to keep on top of what your team is working on. For maximum efficiency, these tools can even be integrated with real-time reporting, scheduling, and task management features.

Decision Recommendation Tools

Using artificial intelligence trained on data from your business, we can create recommendation engines that will help you make informed decisions about your business. This is excellent for businesses with large targets and a steady stream of new clients, as it makes the management process much more convenient.

Why Choose Idea Maker for Your Manufacturing Solution?

With lots of software development agencies out there, all claiming to have the perfect solution for you, why choose Idea Maker?

Proven Track Record

At Idea Maker, we have a proven track record of providing our clients with high-quality software and web development services. In fact, we have a five-star rating on Google My Business, as well as the consumer trust website In other words, working with Idea Maker means working with a company you can count on.

Experience and Expertise

We have vast experience in a number of advanced technologies, from cross-platform mobile app development to machine learning programming. This means our team can handle pretty much any project you throw at us. See “Our Tech” to learn more about Idea Maker’s technological expertise.

Post-Release Support Options

At Idea Maker, we believe that development goes beyond delivering your project. We also recognize the importance of ongoing software support and maintenance, especially when it comes to manufacturing. As a result, we offer affordable post-release support options to ensure your software functions correctly throughout its lifecycle.

Real US Company

As a software, web, and mobile development company from California, we’re bound by American law, giving you solid legal protection when entering into a contract with us. Non-U.S. companies, however, are not bound by these same laws, which heightens the risk of them taking advantage of you.

Technology We Use for Manufacturing Solutions

We use several types of technology to build elevated manufacturing solutions. Here are just a few.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of technological development, and is now widely accessible and implementable. At Idea Maker, we use popular AI models like ChatGPT, as well as complex machine learning techniques, that can take your manufacturing software to the next level with automation, task management, and reporting capabilities.


Web App Frameworks

Web apps allow your software to run in any internet-connected device that has access to a web browser. This makes your manufacturing software widely accessible to all your employees, facilitating a more collaborative and cohesive experience. By using modern web app technologies, we can effectively deliver robust and secure web applications to your business.

Mobile App Frameworks

Mobile manufacturing apps provide employees with a convenient way to access your software with a familiar user interface, meaning less training is needed. We use cross-platform and native mobile app development frameworks, like React Native or Swift, to bring you high-quality manufacturing mobile apps for internal use.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is a development model that allows software to connect and interact with third-party hardware, such as a printer or smart watch. We can integrate IoT technology into your manufacturing software for use in production line machinery communication.

What Features and Functionality Can Be Added to Manufacturing Software?

By leveraging our expertise in software development, at Idea Maker, we’re able to provide your manufacturing business with many valuable features.

Real-Time Reporting

We can implement real-time reporting that actively provides you information on the status of your projects and production line as it happens. Reports can also be generated automatically with pre-interpreted data using artificial intelligence.

AI Chatbots

AI chatbots make employee training and using complex machinery a breeze. For example, we can implement an AI chatbot into your employee handbook, enabling workers to quickly search, grab, and summarize essential information. Meanwhile, AI chatbot can replace idiosyncratic controls on machinery for conversation-based operation.

Management Portal

Does your business need a management portal to monitor project progress and access crucial information while retaining robust security practices? We’ve got you covered with end-to-end encrypted software and user-friendly interface designs.

Data Visualization

Digesting large amounts of data is challenging and important information can easily be missed. However, with data visualization, you can view and interpret data without information slipping through the cracks. For this, our team can implement Power BI technology or build custom data visualization tools tailored to your business.

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Automatic Stock Management

Accurately managing stock levels is difficult, especially when you’re focused on a plethora of other responsibilities. Not to worry, as Idea Maker can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to automatically detect when stock levels are low and order your machines to produce more. Similarly, if the AI notices that you’re over-producing, it can halt your machines to prevent excess stock.

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