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 At Idea Maker, we believe that creating a unique identity for your business is the key to branding. We help you accomplish branding by conveying your brand identity through visual elements, like your website design and logo. As website design is such a big part of branding, we’ve chosen to help your company with brand development.

We have worked with many companies to provide brand development. Our proven process of creating a brand identity through logos, business cards, and your website has helped many businesses to thrive. Our process is as follows: 

Step 1: Understanding Your Business

Brand development, website design, and logo design heavily rely upon understanding your business. By understanding your business, we can assist you in representing yourself as professional, competent, and worthy of investment.

We will ask you questions about how you operate, your ideal customers, and your driving philosophies. We ask the necessary questions to shed light on the concepts, ideals, and personality that you need to express with your logo, your brand, and your web presence. 

Step 2: Understanding Your Style

After we’ve fully understood your business, we focus on discussing your unique style. Style is how you present yourself to the world. What kind of personality do you want to convey to customers?

Are you:

  • A clean and professional business
  • A warm and friendly location
  • A business overflowing with artistic skill

Style helps you to choose not only the design elements but your color choices. It even helps you decide between rounded or squared corners. Every choice made is integral to comprehensive brand development and will help to tell your unique story to your customers.

Step 3: Understanding Your Inspiration

The next step in the brand development process is learning about the things that inspire you. What other logos and websites do you like? Is there a car that speaks to your unique brand identity? What drives your business goals?

Inspiration can come from anywhere and will help you to invoke the right feelings in your ideal customer. When we ask you to compile a list of logos and sites that feel are well designed and developed. We’re asking you to help us help you represent the right ideals to your target customer. This helps us create an accurate portrayal of your company and will help you achieve success. 

Step 4: Designing Your Brand

As we’ve learned your business, your style, and your inspiration, we begin producing several designs that can help you to better connect with your customers. We want to see your business to succeed and that’s why we aren’t satisfied until you’re happy.

We will produce several different design options for you so that the final product is one that will make customers ready and willing to do business with you. If you don’t like the design, we will make the changes necessary to set you up for success. 

Step 5: Refining Your Design

Brand development requires patience and understanding. When we design your brand’s website or logo, we work with you patiently and perceptively to give you exactly what you need to be a success. This way everything about your website or logo sends a message that helps your customers to trust and rely upon you to solve their problems.

We believe designing your brand is worth the effort. To find out more about developing your brand, contact Idea Maker today. 

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