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Our proven process ensures your message is seen.

Branding is creating an identity for your business. This identity is conveyed through visual elements such as logo, business card, letterhead and more. But getting your brand consistent and clear is not an easy task. Here at Idea Maker we do a lot of web design and this naturally leads us to brand development.

Our experience with brand development has resulted in a proven process of getting your identity distilled down to something as pure and expressive as a logo.

Step 1 - Understanding your business

The absolute most important step is for us to understand your business. After all, this is what will be represented. And so we’ll ask you questions about how you operate, your customers, your philosophy. Anything that can shed some light into the concepts you want expressed in your logo and brand.

Step 2 - Style

The next step in our process is to discuss your style. Clean and professional? Warm and friendly? Artistic? What do you want to convey to your customers? Your personal style will permeate the entire design from the colors chosen to the small but important details like rounded vs squared corners.

Every choice we make is an important step and conveying your personality and brand to you customers.

Step 3 - Inspiration

Have you seen other logos or websites you like? Do you love a particular car or have a favorite blanked? Inspiration can come from anywhere and it will evoke the right feelings. We’ll ask you to create a list of logos or sites that you feel are particularly well done. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Step 4 - Design

Now that we understand your needs, we’re ready! We’ll produce several designs for you to review. Sometimes we hit the bullseye on first shot. If so, fantastic. But if not, we’ll gather feedback and return to the drawing board.

Step 5 - Rinse and Repeat

We’ll continue designing and gathering feedback. Slowly but surely we will come to a final design. It seems like a lot of work but this is your brand we are talking about! The logo is going to be used everywhere from your website to your business cards. The colors, style and design are going to send a message about *you* and *your business*.

It’s worth the effort!

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