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Why Choose iOS as Your
Mobile App Platform

Ideamaker - Large Market

Large market

iOS has over 1 billion diverse users across the globe, meaning it grants access to all demographics and target users.
Ideamaker - Proven Hi Quality Platform

Proven high quality platform

Apple’s iOS pioneered the art of marrying intuitive UI with high levels of performance and functionality. Its 1 billion users trust iOS to serve as their daily smartphone driver due to its long-standing history as a high-quality platform.

Ideamaker - Excellent user experience

Excellent user experience

Mobile users almost universally understand the iOS interface, easily learning new features. iOS applications are exceptionally accessible to all users, creating an excellent user experience. 

Ideamaker - Large ecosystem

Large ecosystem

When developing with iOS, you can access Apple’s extensive ecosystem of technologies, from mobiles to TVs. This means applications can be integrated and used across many trusted devices.

Ideamaker - High revenue for apps

High revenue for apps

Apple takes a standard commission of 30% on all apps. This figure lowers to 15% for apps developed by small businesses earning less than $1 million per year. 

Ideamaker - Excellent support

Excellent support

Apple provides excellent support for all its devices, such as the Genius Bar in stores and online chat rooms connecting users with experts. When a hardware fault causes an issue, users can go straight to first-party technicians.

Ideamaker - High performance

High performance

With regular updates and excellent security against slow hardware slowing viruses, iOS devices retain a high level of performance throughout their life.

Ideamaker - High security

High security

Apple’s iOS is a closed operating system, meaning all available applications are first-party regulated and that web downloads must be user-approved. Security is tight, making it difficult for viruses to penetrate iOS devices.

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    Does Idea Maker sign an NDA with me before starting my project?

    Yes. If your project needs an NDA, we can offer a standardized copy of our NDA document before we begin working on your project.

    Why should I choose Idea Maker for my iOS app development project?

    We have extensive knowledge of apps and several leading technologies. Our experts can help you understand your needs, visualize costs, draft a detailed roadmap, and then build an excellent app that does everything you need it to do. We also offer complete post-development service, including maintenance, bug fixes, and the implementation of enhancements.

    Who owns the source code and application?

    The client owns all the rights to the app and codebase developed by Idea Maker.

    What resources will Idea Maker allocate to my iOS app development project?

    We have a complete team to cover every need of your app development, including business development, UI/UX to create wireframes, graphics for mockups, back-end coders for coding and server needs, and front-end coders to build the app. Additionally, our web development team can aid you if you need web services. We also have a DevOps team ready to help if server management or app deployment is an issue.

    Can I hire iOS developers from Idea Maker for my project?

    Yes. Idea Maker has extensive experience with mobile development, and we can offer several developers able to build stellar iOS apps for your company.

    How will you provide me regular updates on the progress of the project?

    We’ll give you weekly updates, including all advancements we’ve made on your project. As we iterate on your project, we’ll use TestFlight to send test versions of your app for approval. We may also set up a video conference to walk you through our progress and ensure we are on the same page.

    Will Idea Maker also help me launch my iOS app on the App Store?

    Yes. We’ll set up and release your project on the App Store. Additionally, we offer complete post-development support with bug fixes and enhancements for your app.

    How long does it take to build and launch my iOS app?

    An iOS app takes three to six months to prototype, develop, test, and release on the App Store. This time estimation varies depending on your app’s scope, complexity, and features.

    Does Idea Maker build apps for both iOS and Android platforms?

    Yes, Idea Maker has vast experience in many industry-leading technologies. We can build excellent apps for iOS and Android, and we often recommend cross-platform development to save you money while maintaining quality.