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Where can I find competent beta testers?

At Idea Maker. Our team is dedicated to creating high-quality, well-functioning software develops, through expert skill and robust testing.

What skills can be expected from beta testers?

Beta testers are detail-orientated individuals with excellent observational skills. They should be able to identify issues with UI/UX and wider functionality.

Is beta testing and UAT same?

Though the testing process is similar, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) ensures the app meets the project requirements and specifications.

Is beta testing the final stage of testing?

It depends. If an app is still not working correctly after beta testing, it may move to gamma testing. However, apps will generally go through more rounds of beta testing if this is the case.

How expensive is it to hire beta testers?

Depending on how you choose to execute your tests, beta testing can be done at a low cost. For example, public video game testers typically test apps for free simply for the enjoyment of trying something new.

How does Idea Maker handle beta testing?

At Idea Maker, we focus on behaviour based beta testing. This allows us to ensure the UI/UX is perfectly the functional and smooth for your userbase.

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