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Can a microservice be a web service?

Microservices can act as stand-alone services or can be integrated within web services, giving you the best of both worlds.

Are APIs and web services the same thing?

An API is a software framework that allows multiple applications to communicate and interact with each other. Web services, however, are online protocols that enable the exchange of data between software.

What are the best examples of microservices?

Successful examples of microservice integration include Amazon, Netflix, and Uber.

What are the best examples of web services?

The JSON protocol and XML interface are two examples of widely used web services.

Are Windows services microservices?

Windows uses a collection of several small autonomous services within defined boundaries, meaning yes, Windows services are microservices.

Are microservices or web services more budget-friendly?

Microservices are the more cost-effective option as they generally require fewer licenses and permissions to operate.

Are all microservices paid?

This depends on which microservices you use. There are several open-source services freely available, however, the best-maintained services are typically paid.