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Can off-the-shelf AI solutions be customized to some extent to fit specific business needs?

No. Off-the-shelf applications can only be customized as far as the service provider allows.

What level of technical expertise is required to implement and maintain custom AI software?

Implementing and maintaining custom AI software requires a high level of expertise and should be undertaken by professional developers.

Are there any specific industries or use cases where custom AI software is more advantageous than off-the-shelf solutions and vice versa?

If you operate within a niche industry and have unique requirements, custom AI software is more advantageous than off-the-shelf. Conversely, if your business provides common services, off-the-shelf software will serve you fine.

Can I switch from an off-the-shelf solution to a custom AI software or vice versa in the future if my needs change?

Absolutely. However, the longer you use one the more reliant your business becomes on the software. This is why it’s good to build custom AI software, so you never become reliant on a third-party service provider.

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