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Are no-code development products secure?

Due to the inherent lack of control over back-end development, no-code applications aren’t as secure as traditionally developed software. However, no-code development platforms can include various security features, like multi-factor authentication and SSL certificates to prevent security breaches.

Are no-code products mobile-friendly?

Yes. No-code development platforms enable users to create mobile-friendly applications that are well-optimized for native devices.

What are some limitations of no-code development?

Users cannot customize back-end code when using a no-code platform, which limits the options for complex functionality.

Who are the most common users of no-code platforms?

No-code is aimed at businesses, laypeople, and non-technical users. However, it’s gaining popularity with expert developers because it enables professional agencies to offer low-cost development solutions.

How fast is no-code development?

Studies show that no-code development is up to 60% faster than traditional development, taking a 6-month development timeframe down to almost 2 months.

Is Wix a no-code platform?

No. Wix is a website builder, which means it’s a front-facing development platform without options for broader functionality.

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