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Learn about the budget development options with no-code solutions offered by Idea Maker
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Why Choose No-code For Software

Increased Productivity

Applications are built using intuitive drag and drop no-code development platforms, often with pre-built templates. This makes no-code development quick and relatively simple, meaning we can have your software complete before your business operations are hindered.  

Smaller Development Cost


No-code development takes less time and requires fewer resources. As a result, no-code solutions offer a low cost alternative to the traditional software development process.

API Integration


Through API, no-code software is easily integrated with third-party applications such as Google Maps and Slack, all without having to write code. No-code development is a simple way to connect your data processes with other platforms.

Integrated Data Management

No-code development platforms typically come with pre-configured access to data sources and server side software, making it simple to connect your business’s database. This means Idea Maker can help integrate automation services into your custom software with ease.

cross platform mobile apps

Cross-Platform Capability

Using no-code platforms, we can build software compatible across operating systems without having to develop multiple applications. This offers an affordable way to gain maximum exposure for your software.

Pre-Configured Modules

Most no-code development platforms offer pre built-components, templates and modules, created by professional developers. This leads to almost immediate functionality when developing apps, resulting in a reduced production time.

Visual Modeling Tools

Thanks to the drag and drop user-friendly interface offered by no-code platforms, Idea Maker can provide visually pleasing applications and web designs. Your software will receive professional level designs at an affordable rate.  


Machine Learning

Our no-code platform can incorporate AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, predicting user actions and streamlining the development process. AI and ML integration also give applications greater functionality.

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    Why is no-code development getting more popular?

    No-code development offers an efficient, low-cost alternative to traditional software development, great for simple applications and websites.

    Is no-code development useful?

    Yes. No-code development serves it’s function well. It’s an excellent way to develop easy-to-use software with essential functionality rapidly.

    Are no-code tools going to replace traditional developers?

    No. Although no-code makes development simple, it offers much less functionality, meaning more complex projects still require tradtional developers.

    What is no-code development best used for?

    No-code is primarily used to build mobile apps and websites with simple functionality.

    Is using no-code better than manually coding?

    It depends on what kind of app or website that you’re looking for. If you require an app with little functionality, no-code is a low-cost, efficient option. However, if you need a more complex app or intuative website, manual coding is best.

    What are no-code development tools?

    No-code development tools allow developers to create software without the use of code. Popular no-code development platforms include Bubble and Google App Sheet.

    Is no-code development costly?

    No-code development is not costly. It is a cheaper alternative to traditional software development.