Is Cross-Platform Development Right for Your App?

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Should I choose cross-platform mobile app development over native apps?

It depends on the kind of app you’re building. For instance, cross-platform development is cheaper for apps relying on basic logic. However, if you’re building performance-intensive apps like games, native apps perform much better.

How important is cross-platform?

Cross-platform is critical when working on a tighter budget. It allows developing on Android and iOS with a single code base, saving money compared to native development.

What is the best cross-platform framework?

While subjective, we like React Native and Flutter. React Native is a stable, proven product used by Facebook. Meanwhile, Flutter is backed by Google and comes with many performance-enhancing features.

Is cross-platform suitable for game development?

It depends on the kind of game you’re developing. If your game requires intensive performance, you’re better off going with native development. But if your game uses basic logic and simple graphics, then cross-platform can work.

How is a hybrid app better than a native app?

Hybrid apps are cheaper to develop and use native libraries, which provide performance similar to native apps. So if your app isn’t performance-intensive, hybrid apps are a great choice.

What is cross-platform mobile app development?

Cross-platform mobile development uses a cross-platform language like React Native or Flutter. You can use a single code base for both iOS and Android when using these languages.

What are the main challanges of using cross-platform app development?

Total customization can be complicated, especially when trying to replicate the looks of a native app. You may also struggle to squeeze all the performance out of mobile hardware.

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