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Should I outsource local or international team for custom software develeopment?

Hire local. An onshore custom development team will provide a better final project 9/10 times. Don’t waste your money on risky offshore development companies.

Is offshore custom software development cheaper than onshore?

Offshore comapanies present themeselves as a cheaper alternative to onshore development, but as projects progress, more costs appear. They often pomise a low hourly rate, but charge for a high amount of hours.

How do I perform QA of the project done by offshore custom development team?

You must design a QA test. Do this by first analyzing your requirements of the software. Then create a checklist of functions the software needs to satisfy. If the application fails your tests, it should be fixed by the development team.

How to decide weather I need to outsource software development team or not?

Ask yourself, do we have the time and resources for in-house development? Software development takes a long time and requires specilist knowledge. Outsourcing means taking the burdon of development off your business and in-house team, giving you more time to focus on critical business operations.

Who will own the source code of the project during development in offshore development?

Offshore software development companies will keep your software on their servers during development. This means, although you’re paying for it to be developed, they technically own the software and can revoke your access to it as and when they like.

Why Idea Maker is the best solution for custom software development?

Idea Maker is a local US company, providing custom software development. Our clients recive backloaded contracts, essential documentation, code ownership and post development support. We have a proven track record of developing outstanding software, with a development process bound by US law and regulations.

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