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What is the most common ADA violation?

The most common ADA violation is the lack of alt text on images.

What can a company do to prevent an ADA lawsuit?

To avoid ADA lawsuits, build your website with accessibility in mind by hiring a qualified developer experienced in accessibility to implement all ADA compliance measures.

What happens if you violate the ADA?

You may be targeted by class-action ADA lawsuits, where you may be forced to redesign your website and deal with settlements that can reach thousands of dollars.

How can I be sure I'm meeting ADA requirements to avoid lawsuits?

The best way is to hire a specialized company like Idea Maker to audit your website. However, if you want to do it yourself, online tools like Google Lighthouse can aid you.

How do you win an ADA lawsuit?

The best way to deal with ADA lawsuits is through prevention. Audit your website for ADA compliance and implement the necessary measures.

Can ADA violations be corrected?

Yes. After identifying ADA violations, developers can correct the issues, increasing your ADA compliance score.

Where does the ADA not apply?

Websites from religious organizations are exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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