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How much does it cost to build a website like YouTube?

You will need to pay for web development, which can cost up to $75,000, as well as cloud storage fees and transcoding services.

Can you make your own website like YouTube?

Of course. Using transcoding services such as Vidyard, you can build a YouTube-like website from scratch or through a development company like Idea Maker.

How long does it take t build a website like YouTube?

The average website takes two to four months to develop.

What kind of hosting is best for a video sharing website like YouTube?

Video hosting services that are easily integratable with larger services like AWS are the best choice for a video-hosting website. You should consider using Vidyard or Decast.

Can I make a website like YouTube using WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful website development platform, perfect for any online development.

What technology stack is used to develop YouTube?

YouTube uses the Google Compute Engine. However, at Idea Maker we used combined front and back end technology, such as Vue and Django, to develop smooth, functional websites.

Can Idea Maker help me build a website like YouTube?

Yes! We combine intellegent technologies with our years of development experience to create high-quality video streaming websites. Contact us today to learn more.

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