How to Make a Ride-Sharing App Like Uber in 6 Easy Steps

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Ideamaker - How to Make an App like Uber

Can I get all the features that are in the Uber app on my new app?

Yes, unless otherwise copyright protected. You can get all the features that are in the Uber app on your new app. All you need to do is contact us and let us know which features you would like to have integrated. We will work with you to ensure that your app has all the features you need.

How costly is it to make a ride-sharing app like Uber?

The uber app development cost can vary depending on the features and functionality you want to include. At Idea Maker, our price starts at $20,000 for fixed-rate projects. Contact us for a free quote.

What language is Uber coded in?

Uber is a multi-platform app, which means it is written in several different languages. The back end is primarily written in Java and Python, while the front end is written in Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android.

Can I build a platform like Uber at a low app development cost without losing quality?

Yes. You can build a high-quality app like Uber without spending a fortune. At Idea Maker, we offer cost-effective solutions for developing custom apps. You could also consider using a no-code platform like for a low app development cost with basic functionality.

How much time does it take to create an app like Uber?

It depends on the complexity of the app. A basic Uber clone could be created in a few weeks, but a more complex app with additional features could take several months. It’s essential to consider the time needed for research, design, development, and testing.

Is investing in developing an app like Uber worth it?

Yes. While it is challenging to generate revenue in the beginning, once an app like Uber becomes established, it has the potential to generate a lot of money by tapping into a growing market.

Why is Uber loved so much by its users?

First and foremost, the app is incredibly convenient to use. It’s quick and easy to hail a ride, and you can see exactly how much your fare will be before you even confirm the ride.

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