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Does Idea Maker have a dedicated testing team?

At Idea Maker, we have several individual specialists dedicated to testing our mobile app developers upon project completion. This extends to both beta and usability testing. If required, we are able to swiftly upscale our testing processes to ensure a steadfast development with few bugs.

Do I need an in-house testing team?

Not necessarily. If required, you can outsource testing to an agency and professional testers. However, the best development agencies, like Idea Maker, will test all products before deployment. If you’re handing app development in-house, you should liaise with your team and discuss testing options.

When is app usability testing executed?

Usability testing can be implemented into your existing beta-testing efforts, as beta testers look at the overall experience of an app, including user experience. However, if you elect to conduct usability testing separately to ensure every detail is considered, it is good practice to conduct this with a select group of testers before beta testing.

Can developers do usability testing?

Generally, app usability testing is conducted by an external group of users selected by the development team. However, developers can also engage with usability trials by simply deploying the app to a private server and using the app themselves. It’s essential to outline a list of checks for your developers to make in this case.

What is the average time taken to complete an app usability testing?

A typical usability test will take between thirty and sixty minutes per user over a predetermined period. This timescale can vary depending on the rigor and results of the test, typically ranging from a few days with exceptional planning to weeks.

What are some common challenges faced during app usability testing?

One of the main issues facing usability testing is device-specific features and requirements. For example, your app may be developed primarily for iOS users. Of course, this will mean Android testers could face greater issues. However, this may not be a problem if you plan to release it to an iOS-only audience. Another challenge, certainly in the world of remote testing, is internet connectivity issues. Even the best interest connections face interferences and can stile accurate monitoring.

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