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Is the WordPress CMS secure?

WordPress is as safe as the professionals managing its security. Your website will be safer if the company managing your WordPress website security checks plugins, applies security patches, and employs security best practices.

Can I use other fonts on my WordPress website?

Yes. WordPress allows custom fonts to be uploaded and used on your website. Consider the Easy Google Fonts plugin for WordPress for those who want something already built-in.

How can I optimize site speed on WordPress?

You can optimize WordPress page load speed by using CDNs to deliver content faster, optimize code on themes, and load as little data as possible.

Does using a lot of plugins slow down my website?

Yes. Every new line of code adds a variable amount of time to page loading times. The issue is not as apparent for smaller or custom-made optimized plugins, but it can quickly become a problem if you install many large plugins.

Is WordPress mobile friendly?

The code behind WordPress is mobile-friendly. However, not all WordPress themes are mobile-friendly, so be sure to check their description before installing.

How costly are paid themes & plugins?

Most popular commercial themes cost between $50 and $60, while popular premium plugins range between $50 and $200. They’re all either one-time purchases or subscriptions, so check descriptions to be sure.