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Is investing in bespoke software development beneficial?

Yes. Bespoke software comes with several excellent benefits, from high scalability to specialist functionality, making it a worthwhile investment.

How long does an average bespoke software development project take?

Depending on size, bespoke projects typically take between four to nine months.

Is bespoke software secure?

Yes. As bespoke solutions are typically developed for internal business use, they are less vulnerable to hackers and security breaches.

What are the best examples of bespoke software?

Some of the biggest companies in the US use bespoke software, including Amazon, Google and McDonald’s. When you walk into a McDonalds and order on their touchscreen devices, you’re using their bespoke software.

Is bespoke software scalable? What factors do I need to consider initially?

Yes. Bespoke software can have new features built in to suit your expanding business. However, you must ensure the development company you work with has a robust post-release support package so changes can be made when required.

What are the most popular programming languages for bespoke software development?

At Idea Maker, we use a combination of intellegent technologies when developing bespoke software. This includes Vue.js for frontend and the Django pyhton framework for backend.

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