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We’re Bringing Expert UI/UX Design to Your Area

Proper usability is vital to any website, software, or mobile app. Without it, you risk losing customers due to poor user experience. Fortunately, our team of expert designers and developers understand the importance of high-quality UI/UX and work together to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience. From design to usability testing, we offer a variety of UI/UX services that will take your software to the next level.

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UI Design

Our user interface (UI) design puts users at the center of the experience. When building an application, our team considers how the software will be used and what users will expect. This helps us create a seamless user flow that makes navigation simple and familiar without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

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UX Design

Taking a holistic approach to usability design, our user experience (UX) designers take extra care to ensure that the entire user flow is smooth. We consider how users will interact with your platform, why they are using it, and how it can be made seamless. Our expert UX, combined with our intuitive UI design, leads to exceptional experiences, preventing you from losing users due to poor UX.

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Through wireframing, we’re able to offer a visual representation of how we expect your project to function and our proposed user journey. This gives you an opportunity to give us feedback and make amendments before we begin development. With our transparent wireframing process, you can verify that your exact requirements are met. There’s no unhappy surprises when you work with us.

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Usability Testing

If you’ve had software built in the past, you’ve probably encountered usability issues post-launch. While this is a common problem, it can be easily avoided with robust usability testing. Our team of quality assurance agents run each of our projects through several rounds of usability testing, ensuring that your app, website, or software provides the smoothest user experience possible.

Our User-Focused UI/UX Designs Are Boosting Los Angeles

Putting your customers at the center of your software, website, or mobile app is crucial for encouraging repeat business and inspiring positive feelings toward your brand. That’s why you need our user-focused UI/UX design solutions. We build our products with users in mind, creating interfaces indicative of a smooth user experience.

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Mobile-First Web Design

Over half of website visits come from mobile devices. So, if your website is not built with mobile users in mind, you risk increasing your bounce rate due to poor design. When building a website, our team takes a mobile-first design approach, utilizing dynamic elements, automatic sizing, and features built for touch to provide an exceptional mobile experience that resonates with users.

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Sleek SaaS Applications

SaaS applications can often run sluggishly due to the complex functionality they provide. In order to fix this, your business needs lightweight UI/UX design that doesn’t compromise functionality. Leveraging our knowledge of usability and cloud applications, our team creates sleek SaaS interfaces that don’t impact performance. With us, you get a visually stunning app that runs like desktop software.

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Cohesive App Design

We understand how critical it is to have consistent branding across platforms, as your brand recognition is weak without it. Our team provides cross-platform development services that facilitate cohesive design across platforms. Your website, iOS, and Android apps will each appear explicitly yours, elevating your brand recognition.

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Convenient Management Portals

When it comes to design, management portals often get left behind, resulting in awkward interfaces that make management difficult. Not to worry, we take your management team into consideration, as well as customers. Our digital products come with convenient management portals that make updating and interacting with your platform a breeze.

The Tech That Powers Our Bespoke Software Solutions

For the last decade, we’ve worked to refine our tech stack to provide Los Angeles businesses with smooth and visually appealing solutions tailored to their needs. We leverage a versatile set of technologies, which can be easily tweaked to fit your project’s requirements. When working with us, you can rest assured that your software is modern, stable, and capable of bringing users the enjoyable experience they deserve.

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Django is our framework of choice for front-end development. It’s based on Python, a popular programming language that’s used by most top developers.

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Along with Django, we also use JavaScript for front-end development. It is considered a core web technology and enables a smooth development process.

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We use the database management system PostgreSQL due to its many benefits, including the ability to effectively handle complex entries.

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Digital Ocean

To host our development projects, we leverage Digital Ocean, thanks to its easily scalable nature. However, our experts are well-versed in a variety of technologies and are more than happy to use another cloud hosting provider if needed.

The Los Angeles Software Company You Need

When it comes to UI/UX, it’s imperative to work with a development agency that’s experienced and capable of providing users with a hassle-free experience. Our experts are not only knowledgeable in all areas of development, we also have a strong passion for helping businesses throughout Los Angeles succeed. With a dedicated team and proven track record of quality services, Idea Maker will ensure your business can reach its full potential.

Expert Developers

Our team has extensive experience building state-of-the-art solutions for local businesses looking to enhance their user experience. Due to this expertise, which spans the entire development spectrum, we’ve accrued an impressive portfolio of exceptional projects. Our experts have also worked together for many years, enabling a smooth development process that prioritizes teamwork and communication.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

Since our founding in 2016, our team has successfully delivered more than 50 development projects to our satisfied clients. We strive to work closely with you to fully understand your project, tailoring our services to match your functionality and budget requirements. When working with us, you can rest assured that your project will be high-quality and cost-effective.

Experience in Diverse Industries

With a quickly growing and diverse portfolio, we have ample experience developing and delivering projects for businesses in nearly every industry, from healthcare to fintech. No matter your requirements or limitations, you can trust our experts to provide custom solutions that elevate the overall experience and help retain users.

Proven Track Record

With five-star ratings on both Clutch and Google, we have a proven track record of developing high-quality web and software solutions. Not only are our services top-notch, we’re also dedicated to ensuring every project delivered exceeds expectations, especially in terms of the user experience. And, thanks to our diverse portfolio, we have the experience required to handle any project or requirements thrown at us.

The Development Process That Streamlines Software Delivery

Over the last decade, we’ve actively refined our development process to ensure quality, as well as accuracy. This streamlined process, known as The Four Pillars of Development, emphasizes the user experience from the initial consultation to post-launch.

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To start the process, we arrange a consultation in which we engage in an in-depth discussion about your business, your project’s requirements, and your overall expectations. Together, we explore all the options, taking extra care to properly identify any challenges and limitations, in order to fully capture your vision.

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After gaining a better understanding of your business and project needs, we then begin researching the market. This provides valuable insight into your customers preferences and helps us address any regulatory requirements we’ll need to follow during development. This way, we can build a software solution that rivals your competitors and is poised for long-term success.

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Next, we move onto the design phase. For this, we seek to marry proper usability principles and functionality to your brand, providing a seamless user experience. Our designers leverage innovative concepts to create a solution that’s visually appealing, yet practical, with smooth navigation.

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Once you’re happy with our design, we begin the actual development of your project. Thanks to our extensive expertise and impressive tech stack, we can build your solution to the highest standard, offering an enjoyable user experience while also adhering to any industry regulations. We also take an iterative approach to development, fixing any bugs we find as they arise, to ensure exceptional results.

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Quality Assurance

After your project has been developed, we put your project through a rigorous quality assurance process. This involves deploying your project to a testing environment and essentially attempting to break the application. When our QA team can’t find any more issues with the project, we can then prepare for its deployment.

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Finally, once we’re confident that your solution is stable and bug-free, we deploy your project to your personal servers or the app stores. You now have full control of the application, but don’t worry – our experts are still able to assist you with any issues. With our robust and affordable post-release support options, we’ll make sure your project continues to function properly throughout its lifecycle.

Do you offer in-person consultations for businesses in Los Angeles?

As a remote agency, we recommend online consultations. However, as we are headquartered in California, we can provide in-person consultations under certain circumstances.

What local industries does Idea Maker specialize in?

Specializing in enterprise software and artificial intelligence, our team has worked in various industries, from construction to aviation marketing.

How do you ensure timely delivery for clients?

Before embarking on a project, we take the time to thoroughly understand our client’s needs. This enables us to effectively anticipate any issues before they happen and make considerations accordingly, ultimately allowing us to avoid development delays.

What support and maintenance services do you offer post-launch for businesses?

We offer a range of affordable post-release support options, from simple uptime monitoring to full-scale support.