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What are some popular Java frameworks?

Some popular Java frameworks include Spring, Hibernate, Struts, and JSF, among others. These frameworks provide ready-made solutions to commonly encountered problems in Java development, making it easier for developers to build complex applications quickly and efficiently.

Can Java be used for mobile app development?

Yes, Java can be used for mobile app development. Android Studio is a popular integrated development environment (IDE) for developing mobile applications using Java.

What are the drawbacks of Java?

Some drawbacks of Java include its slower performance compared to lower-level languages like C and C++, as well as its tendency to require more memory and processing power. Additionally, Java’s verbose syntax can make it more challenging for beginners to learn.

Is Java different from JavaScript?

Yes, Java and JavaScript are two distinct programming languages. While both share similar names, they have different syntax, features, and use cases. Java is a general-purpose programming language primarily used for building standalone applications and enterprise-level software, while JavaScript is primarily used for web development and building interactive web applications.

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