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How expensive is it to create a crowdfunding website with Idea Maker?

The cost of developing a crowdfunding platform with Idea Maker will vary based on your specific needs. In general, our custom web development packages start at a few thousand dollars.

Is it expensive and time-consuming to maintain the site after it’s launched?

Maintaining a complex website can be time-consuming but this responsibility will fall on your development team. The price for fixed-rate projects often includes post-release support packages. Make sure to ask about this before hiring a developer.

How long does it take to build a crowdfunding platform?

This will depend on the size and scope of your project. A minimum viable product (MVP) could be completed in as little as 2–3 weeks, but a more feature-rich platform could take several months.

Can you create a crowdfunding website using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla?

We wouldn’t recommend using WordPress or Joomla for a crowdfunding website. These systems aren’t designed for this purpose and lack the necessary features and functionality.

Can I make a living by owning a crowdfunding website?

It’s possible to generate revenue through a crowdfunding website by charging users a fee or taking a percentage of funds raised. However, it’s essential to note that competition in the crowdfunding space is fierce, and it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. It’s vital to have a well-thought-out business plan before embarking on this type of project.

What technologies do successful crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter use?

Kickstarter uses a variety of technologies to power its website and crowdfunding platform. These include PHP, MySQL, Apache, Memcached, and varnish.

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