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Why do companies outsource app development?

Outsourcing development is a good choice for businesses who lack the resources of an in-house development team, or who do not have the time to directly manage a development project.

Is outsourcing app development expensive?

High-quality products can be expensive. However, outsourcing development is cheaper than hiring an in-house development team and the reasources they require.

Is outsourcing app development beneficial?

Outsourcing app development gives businesses access to a greater pool of talents and resources. It also means a quicker development time and a more cost-effective solution than In-house.

Where can I outsource app development projects?

There are many online directory’s you can use to source developers, namely, TopTal and Upwork. Both these websites have excellent rating systems so you can determine developer quality. However, going direct to developers is the best choice.

How do you minimize risks when outsourcing projects?

Hire an on-shore development team; this will negate the risks associated with off-shore developers. Additionally, you should inspect your developers portfolio and experience for signs of high-quality work.

Does outsourcing app development projects affect their quality?

It depends who your hire. You can determine the quality of an outsourced developer by examining their portfolio and customer testimonials. A professional development team will produce excellent mobile applications.

How can I keep my remote/outsourced team productive?

Regularly communicating with your developers will help to keep them in the loop over project decisions, such as app modifications. This will enable them to better manage the development project, keeping it on schedule and remaining productive.

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