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Is working with developers remotely efficient?

Yes. Working with remote developers removes the need to organize in-house teams and resources, leading to a streamlined
development process.

How can I tackle time zone differences when working remotely?

Ensure that your teams shedules overlap at some point throughout the day to allow for catchups; set up clear communication channels, and invest in robust task management software.

How do I identify the most productive developers?

Exploring a developers portfolio, qualifications and previous experience enables you to get an idea of their work and project turnaround time.

Where can I find qualified remote developers?

Toptal, Upwork and Fiverr have a wealth of excellent web developers. However, there are several issues with these services, varying from low-quality work to high costs. The best option is to go direct to a software development agency like Idea Maker.

Is working with developers outside my country a good idea?

Offshore developers come with many issues, from low-quality work to abandoned projects. You should hire an onshore development company for the best results.

Full-time or part-time developers: which are better for remote work?

It depends on the scope of your project. Part-developers are excellent for smaller developments that requires little post-release support. Whereas full-time developers can dedicate more time to you project, making them great for medium-large developments that require regular maintenance.

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