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Are Wikipedia links helpful for SEO?

Not directly. Wikipedia links are no follow, and their value comes from increasing your website’s trustworthiness and organic traffic.

Can I pay to get links from Wikipedia?

No. Wikipedia does not sell link placement. However, you can pay for an expert to make an authoritative article and use it as a Wikipedia backlink.

Can I get do follow links from Wikipedia?

No. All Wikipedia links are no follow to avoid SEO spammers.

Can someone edit the links I make on Wikipedia?

Yes. Anyone can edit nearly any Wikipedia page. However, if moderators identify the change as malicious or unwarranted, they will revert the changes.

What are other high-profile sites like Wikipedia?

Wikipedia’s biggest competitors are Encyclopedia.com, Encyclopedia Britannica Online, and Scholarpedia.

Can my domain/website be banned by Wikipedia?

Yes. Wikipedia moderators will ban your Wikipedia account and add your domain to Wikipedia’s spam blacklist if they find out that your article has false information, advertising, unnecessary links, or keyword bloat.

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