How a Simple Chrome Extension Revolutionized Ecommerce

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Ideamaker - How a Simple Chrome Extension Revolutionized Ecommerce

What is a Chrome extension and how does it work?

A Chrome extension is a browser add-on built on web-based programming languages, that allows users to customize their browsing experience. They are used to expand the functionality of Google Chrome, and will often interact with or modify webpages while browsing.

What is Honey?

Honey is a free web browser extension that provides users with the best online deals.

Does Honey steal your information?

Honey does not steal your information. The platform is secure and has a transparent data policy, so you can understand exactly how your data is used.

Is there an extension better than Honey?

Honey has revolutionized the eCommerce industry and is one of the most powerful Chrome extensions available. However, there are alternatives to Honey, such as

What are Google Chrome extensions coded in?

Google Chrome Extensions are coded using web-based programming languages, such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

What data does Honey collect?

Honey collects technical information about your devices, as well as information that users directly share with them. Data is collected through the Honey website, extension and mobile app. Users can provide optional additional information for an improved user experience, such as email addresses.

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