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Why Choose Idea Maker for Graphic Design?

There are many graphic design companies out there, so what makes Idea Maker different? Our expert team and long-refined processes. Since our founding in 2016, we’ve built a team of dedicated designers with extensive graphics skills and specialist software knowledge. Simultaneously, we’ve honed our design process based on atomic design principles.

Our Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

If you’re just starting in business, or feel like it’s time for an update, look no further than Idea Maker. We offer comprehensive logo design services, providing you with all required file types and image dimensions for use on and outside of your website.

Brand Development

Though your logo is the emblem of your business’s brand, developing a recognizable brand is much more complex. It requires the correct use of colors, typography, and even website layout. Our team is experienced in brand development and is ready to provide their expertise.

Original Web Design

At Idea Maker, we have extensive experience in designing and developing original websites. As a result, we have accrued the expertise and resources required to efficiently design a website to your specifications. We offer both fully custom web designs and original in-house templates.


If you have an existing website that needs a new look, Idea Maker provides redesign services to bring it up to date. Unless you require an entirely new design, we aim to retain your brand’s integrity, allowing it to remain strongly present on your site.

Mobile Facing

Over 50% of web searches come from mobile devices, meaning it’s crucial to have a mobile-responsive website. Otherwise, you risk isolating half your audience. That’s why, at Idea Maker, we offer both web and mobile-facing designs, so all bases are covered, helping to capture as many customers as possible.

Atomic Design

We follow atomic design principles, allowing for a hierarchical design structure. Doing so enables us to streamline our processes, removing the need for the repeat creation of frequently required design elements. As a result, when working with Idea Maker, you can rest assured that no time is wasted.

Atomic Design

We’ve mentioned atomic design multiple times on this page, but what does this process involve? Well, atomic design is split into five components.


Atoms are the foundational elements necessary for any design project. They include components such as labels, inputs, buttons, and other elements that can’t be reduced further without losing their functionality.


Molecules are simple groups of atoms functioning as a single unit. For example, combining a button, search box, and label makes a search bar molecule. In other words, these individual atoms are linked together to make one functioning element. This means if multiple search bars were required, instead of remaking them each time, the molecule could be duplicated, saving designers time.


Organisms comprise complex groups of molecules. For example, a header section of a website is an organism made up of a navigation bar, images and text, and sometimes search molecules.


Templates are page-level objects that are used to denote the position of components: atoms, molecules, and organisms. Templates are typically a barebones web page outline used to show a design's proposed layout and denote future content placement.


Pages are the complete design formed from a template with representative content, such as images and copy. Designing a webpage from atoms to pages allows us to build designs from the ground up using a streamlined and accurate process.

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    How does Idea Makers design process work?

    At Idea Maker, we have a five-step design process.
    1. Understanding your business
    2. Understanding your style
    3. Understanding your inspiration
    4. Design your brand
    5. Refining your design

    You can read more about our design process here.

    How much does our graphic design service cost?

    “The cost of your graphic design project will greatly
    depending on your requirements. Larger,
    resource-heavy projects will cost more.”

    Should i hire a freelance designer or an agency for my graphic design project?

    “Design agency all the way. Why? Robust management
    structures, clearly defined design processes, and more
    available resources.”

    How much time does it takes to complete graphic design project?

    “This varies depending on the scale of your project.
    For small projects, expect a few weeks. Otherwise,
    anywhere from weeks to months.”

    What kind of graphic design service does Idea Maker provide?

    “We offer logo and website design, as well as brand
    development and redesign options”