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Does DMCA apply worldwide?

No. The DMCA is a US law applied to local terrirories. However, if your user base is largely American, you should consider employing DMCA safe harbors.

Do all countries follow DMCA?

Most countries have copyright and IP infringement laws, however, DMCA is US specific.

Is DMCA website protection free?

It cost $6 to register a DMCA Agent and $6 thereafter to amendments and renewals.

What is DMCA ignored?

DMCA Ignored is where service providers fail to acknowledge copyright infringements and takedown notices.

Can I sue for an incorrect DMCA takedown?

Yes. Service providers can sue claimants for damages if a false copyright claim is made.

What do I do if I receive a DMCA notice?

You should disable access or remove the violating content immedately, after following the steps outlined in this article.

How much is a DMCA fine?

DMCA fines can reach heights of over $1 million and even jail time.

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