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How will AI-assisted programming affect software development in 2023?

AI-assisted programming is already significantly improving software development and will keep growing throughout 2023.

Tools like GitHub Copilot, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and Microsoft IntelliCode reduce the cost of software development, increase developer productivity, and optimize code quality.

What is the impact of increased demand for AR functionality on software development?

The increase in demand for AR functionality will lead more companies to hire developers with backgrounds in popular programming languages used in AR development. Some of the most common languages for AR programming are Java, C#, JavaScript, and Python.

The increase in demand is also making big companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft heavily invest in hardware and take advantage of the positive reception of the technology, leading to greater adoption by the market and developers.

Why is Python growing in popularity among developers?

Python is growing in popularity among developers due to the increased demand for AI technologies. Python’s community also offers vast and comprehensive support for AI and ML solutions, libraries, and tutorials.

Python’s popularity is also largely due to its accessibility to many new developers because it’s easier to learn than many other languages.

How can low-code and no-code development reduce development time?

Low-code/no-code (LCNC) reduces development time by allowing developers to use pre-made pieces of code that can be easily tweaked and configured to be used in live code. The main draw of the technology is that it reduces the time developers have to write simple functions and invest time in the complex parts of a project.

LCNC helps developers quickly implement simple features and API integrations and can even perform low-complexity automation tasks.

What industries are adopting AR functionality in software development?

Industries like gaming, health, real estate, education, beauty, and retail are currently using AR functionality to enhance their mobile applications during software development.

Google, for example, is helping popularize this technology by developing an AR software development kit (SDK) called ARCore, which makes implementing AR much easier for developers. Apple is also developing an AR SDK to be used with hardware.

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