How to Build Your Own Online Learning Platform From Scratch

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How long does it take to create an e-learning platform?

For a basic LMS with core features, it can take two to four months with a team of two to three developers. For more complex platforms with custom features, you should expect the process to take six months to a year.

How much does it cost to make an e-learning platform?

The cost to build an eLearning platform can range from $25,000 to over $250,000, depending on features and customization. For a robust platform, it’s best to plan for a budget of about $100,000.

What are the must-have features to include in an e-learning Platform?

The essential features of an eLearning platform include user management, course authoring and management, assessments, communication tools, mobile compatibility, reporting, and personalization.

What tools and technologies are needed to create an online learning platform?

The most common technologies used for building an online learning platform are web development frameworks like .NET or Ruby on Rails; SQL or NoSQL databases; media storage such as Amazon S3; and eLearning authoring tools like Articulate or Adobe Captivate.

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