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Idea Maker has many options for creating beautiful and efficient payment processing options for your mobile apps and website projects. Stripe is one of our most commonly used application integrations for accurate payment processing.

Google Maps

Google Maps is such a massive part of our lives, from finding your way around a new location to deciding what to eat for dinner. Integrating Google Maps into your mobile app or website will help your business find and engage clients. If your business idea involves mapping, then Google Maps Integration is the best option for your idea’s success.


We have extensive experience in video streaming. From 3rd party integrations to native peer to peer WebRTC developments. Whatever your needs we know how to get it done efficiently.


Make it easy for your clients to stay in the loop with your services through subscriptions. Paid subscriptions are one way to maintain the connection with your clients. At Idea Maker, we use Stripe and Apple Pay to manage your subscriptions needs for mobile apps and websites alike.

Chat Systems

People are social creatures, even in a time of social distancing. Digital social networking is the way of the present and will be the future. Chat systems used in your mobile app or website make it easy to interact with others that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. Integrating a chat system into your app or website will help clients connect with you and other users.


Idea Maker has experts who can build your machine learning solutions. Streamline processes, analyze data and make predictions.

3rd Party APIs

A 3rd party provides 3rd party APIs.. They allow actions such as signing in to your website services using your Gmail or Facebook login credentials. Creating convenient ways to access your business app or website will encourage people to invest their time and money into what you’ve got to offer.


Whether you’re interested in crypto currency or NFTs. Blockchain or Bitcoin, Idea Maker has the experience to build your project.

Services We Provide

A premier website and app development agency

Web Design & Development
A fresh look will convert your website visitors into paying customers.
App Development
We have experience in developing apps that run on IOS, Android or cross platform
Machine Learning & AI
Our experts can help you train your models and analyze your data.
Social Media Marketing
Boost your followers and engagement with our proven process.
Search Engine Optimization
Win the long game with our search engine optimization process. You won't regret it!
Pay Per Click Marketing
Get results fast with Facebook, Google, or Linkedin ads.

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    About Us

    Idea Maker was founded to provide a unique combination of design and engineering.

    Why Us?

    We don’t just build mobile apps or webpages. We build platforms that manage data, present information and deliver results. Because let’s face it. The world is more interconnected than ever before.

    We have experience in designing complex systems with rock solid reliability. Because there’s more to just getting an app finished. You need support for all your users and feature updates. We’re with you the entire way.

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    Featured Projects

    Here’s a small sample of our experience.

    Building Your
    Perfect Mobile App

    It takes skill and knowledge to bring you quality mobile app development. Don’t trust your dream project to just anyone. Work with Idea Maker, a boutique Orange County mobile app development agency. To us, you aren’t just a number but a unique individual with a goal we’re equally invested in succeeding.

    When seeking out a company for your business’ mobile app development choose Idea Maker. We work with iOS apps, Android apps, and Cross-Platform apps to make your idea a success. Don’t miss out on valuable customers due to a user-unfriendly, complicated app. Idea Maker builds apps that are sleek, sophisticated, easy to use, and successful.

    When you choose Idea Maker for your mobile app development you get the kind of dedicated care that you deserve. We will work hard on your project to ensure that it works well. We will never outsource your app’s development. Our staff does all our own work so that the code is right the first time.

    We can include any functionality you need to give your app its greatest chance at breaking into the top 25. Ready for superior mobile app development? Contact Idea Maker today.

    Mobile App


    The cost of app development varies widely depending on what your app will do. Do you need to integrate payments, geolocation services, video streaming, chat, or 3rd-party APIs? Do you need a web server? Depending on the project requirements, our base price starts at $20,000 and goes up from there. 

    Need a more accurate estimate? Schedule a free consultation now!

    What’s most important is that we will be there after your project deploys. We provide long-term support for bug fixes and enhancements, so you are sure we will do quality work.

    Of course! We specialize in cross-platform app development using React Native and Flutter. This means that with a single code base you get apps for both operating systems, Apple devices as well as Android. A two for one special that saves you money.

    We have experts in all of the technologies you need. For example, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, and custom coding. Our team can make the right decisions to give you the best website, including on-page SEO.

    Plus, one of the biggest, unforeseen problems people face is after they get their app done. How will they get bug fixes and feature enhancements? We’re interested in being your long-term partner. We will be around to support your app, even if you don’t need us every day. And this is what separates us from freelancers and a lot of the other agencies out there.

    It depends on the complexity of your site. A simple static website can be designed from scratch in a couple of weeks. A more complex site with thousands of products and many features will take much longer.

    Schedule your free consultation today and we can give you a timeline based on your project’s requirements.

    Yes, you can update an older website instead of starting over, however, oftentimes it is worth investing in an entire redesign. Technology changes rapidly and you don’t want your customers getting the impression that your business is behind the times.

    One important issue, whether you opt for an update or a complete redesign, is to maintain the valuable SEO that your current site has achieved. Here at Idea Maker, we have the expertise necessary to protect your investment.

    At Idea Maker, we take pride in implementing responsive web design. Responsive layouts adapt to all different screen sizes, browsers, and devices. Our design approach ensures that your website or app looks good regardless of the device you’re using to view it.

    Our goal is for you to be satisfied with the final product and we’ll be checking in with you frequently to ensure this happens. 

    You can be as involved in the process as you like and we are always happy to get input and feedback from our clients. On the other hand, if you’re unsure of what you want or need, you can also sit back and let our team of experts work out the details.

    Your long-term success is important to us. After your website or app launches, we’ll be here for you, from maintenance packages to bug fixes to feature enhancements, you can rest assured that Idea Maker will offer the support you need. It’s the old saying, “If you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful.”