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How can my small business website build an online presence?

In order to build a solid online presence, your small business website will need to increase its visibility and boost traffic to your site. The most successful ways to do so are through search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. You can also look into creating a mailing list, posting blogs and investing in more traditional forms of advertising.

Do I need to hire a marketing agency to handle my website’s SEO?

Because SEO requires extensive knowledge and skills, it’s generally best to consult a reputable agency to ensure the practice is completed properly and efficiently. However, there are many tools available that can enhance your website’s SEO, especially in terms of copywriting. These tools include Surfer SEO, Jasper.ai and SEMrush.

How effective are traditional forms of advertising like print and broadcast?

If done right, traditional advertising can be extremely effective in driving traffic to your website, but there are some potential challenges with these methods. Because interested customers can’t simply click on your ad to view your website, it’s essential that your message is clear and your website domain can be easily remembered. It’s also important to note that more traditional methods may not be the best fit for some businesses like digital marketing agencies, for example.

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