Our Development Process

Our formal process ensures you get what you want.

Your website or app development might be complex, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Idea Maker is experienced at walking customers through the entire process. Each step of the way we’ll be right there with you, making sure you understand what’s going on, what work is involved in building your app or website and making sure you’re happy with the results.

Step 1 - Specifications

The first step to any mobile app or website development is to write down exactly what you want. This includes defining all features of the app or website, how it might look, who’s the target audience etc. By writing down all the specifications you can determine which features are important now and which ones are important later.

One common mistake made by new entrepreneurs is to include too many features into their design. This is bad because it

  1. Increases development time.
  2. Increases development costs.
  3. Can result in a product that no one wants.

The modern thinking is to build a Minimally Viable Product (MVP). This MVP is a product that has only the barest of essential, differentiating feature(s). This allows you to get the product in front of the users as soon as possible to get feedback.

Step 2 - Wireframe

A wireframe is a visual guide that explains how the website or mobile app is actually going to work. It’s extremely important because describing how something works in words is not always enough. It’s clearer if people can see how things work.

There are many tools that can help you create a wireframe. If you don’t have the time, Idea Maker can create one for you. We’re experienced in User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) and we can save you a lot of time by creating a proper wireframe.

Typically the wireframe creation process is iterative. We make a design, get your feedback, refine the wireframe, get more feedback etc. This continues until we’re both satisfied the wireframe sufficiently explains your idea.

It is important to note the wireframe is not meant to include any visually appealing features. The goal is to have a purely functional design without regard to style. By doing this, testers are not blinded by look of the design and able to focus on core operation.

Step 3 - Style

Style and design are the next important steps. Finding out what you want and how it will match up with the development is important.

We’ll send you a questionnaire to get started asking you what type of style you like. Clean and professional? Warm and inviting? Artistic? These will define the look and feel the the website or app. We’ll ask you to submit some photos or comparative websites or apps. Armed with this information we’ll meet with you and go over the possibilities.

Once we have determined the style and vision you have we’ll have our graphic artists mock up a design. We’ll send you the design for approval and make adjustments as necessary. This may take several revisions but we don’t mind. We want you to be happy and the design to be right.

Step 4 - Coding

Now that we have defined the features of your website or app, and we have defined the look and feel, we are ready to start coding! It feels like a lot of work to get to this point and it’s true. Making sure we build the right product is important. But now when we code your project, you can rest assured you will get what you want.

Step 5 - Beta Testing

Now that your website or app is ready, it’s time to get beta testers. Beta testers can be your friends and family or paid testers. The Beta testers will use your website or mobile app and check all the functionality. You can observe their behavior and make modifications to your design as necessary.

We will make corrections as needed based on their feedback. This fine tuning is important to catch any unforseen issues. It’s also the fun part because you get to see how your project has really come to life.

Step 6 - Rollout

Now that you have gone though some testing with outside users it’s time to open your website or app to public use. For apps this means deploying your product onto the iOS or Google app stores. Idea Maker can help you with this process. Although the process is straightforward, there are many steps and its best to have an experienced hand guiding you.

For websites, it’s simply a matter of advertising your site and getting users. Facebook ads, Google ads, social media. Whatever the medium we can help.

Step 7 - Feedback

The work isn’t over yet! Now that you get users you’ll start collecting feedback. This feedback will provide you with invaluable information on how to further refine your product. This is usually where you fine tune your marketing outreach and onboarding. Can your customers log on easily? Do they know how to use key features? We’ll help you deploy the right tools to analyze behavior and improve your project. This is called “iterating”. This iteration cycle will continue indefinitely as you continually refine your product and your marketing

Don’t be discouraged if this sounds like a lot of work. Idea Maker is here to guide you through the entire process.

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