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Android, iOS or Cross Platform,  we do it all.

In House Developers

We do all our own work. You can rest assured we have taken care to provide excellent code quality.

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We are located in Orange County, California. We'll understand your product and business better than any offshore developer.


We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help keep costs and development times in line with your business goals.

Building Your
Perfect Mobile App

It takes skill and knowledge to bring you quality mobile app development. Don’t trust your dream project to just anyone. Work with Idea Maker, a boutique Orange County mobile app development agency. To us, you aren’t just a number but a unique individual with a goal we’re equally invested in succeeding.

When seeking out a company for your business’ mobile app development choose Idea Maker. We work with iOS apps, Android apps, and Cross-Platform apps to make your idea a success. Don’t miss out on valuable customers due to a user-unfriendly, complicated app. Idea Maker builds apps that are sleek, sophisticated, easy to use, and successful.

When you choose Idea Maker for your mobile app development you get the kind of dedicated care that you deserve. We will work hard on your project to ensure that it works well. We will never outsource your app’s development. Our staff does all our own work so that the code is right the first time.

We can include any functionality you need to give your app its greatest chance at breaking into the top 25. Ready for superior mobile app development? Contact Idea Maker today.

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Google Maps

3rd Party APIs

Chat Systems

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Is a web app a better choice?

React Native

React Native combines the best of both worlds. You get seamless integration of cross-platform coding that runs smoothly and navigates quickly. Idea Maker’s teams hold the experience and vision to make React Native work for you and your apps UI/UX expectations.


Flutter is an app development option that works well with Google-based browsers and android phones. It is focused on Native operations and pays special attention to the User Interface and Experience. The Idea Maker team has the experience and the expertise to use Flutter to create the perfect app or website for your business needs.

Photo Sharing

Integrating a photo-sharing option into your app or website lets your clients connect on a more personal level by sharing their experiences through their photos. We are in an age of social media and sharing our lives through images and memes. Tap into this phenomenon with your app or website to better engage your clients.

Chat Systems

People are social creatures, even in a time of social distancing. Digital social networking is the way of the present and will be the future. Chat systems used in your mobile app or website make it easy to interact with others that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. Integrating a chat system into your app or website will help clients connect with you and other users.

3rd Party APIs

A 3rd party provides 3rd party APIs.. They allow actions such as signing in to your website services using your Gmail or Facebook login credentials. Creating convenient ways to access your business app or website will encourage people to invest their time and money into what you’ve got to offer.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps is such a massive part of our lives, from finding your way around a new location to deciding what to eat for dinner. Integrating Google Maps into your mobile app or website will help your business find and engage clients. If your business idea involves mapping, then Google Maps Integration is the best option for your idea’s success.


Make it easy for your clients to stay in the loop with your services through subscriptions. Paid subscriptions are one way to maintain the connection with your clients. At Idea Maker, we use Stripe and Apple Pay to manage your subscriptions needs for mobile apps and websites alike.

Payment Processing

Idea Maker has many options for creating beautiful and efficient payment processing options for your mobile apps and website projects. Stripe is one of our most commonly used application integrations for accurate payment processing.